The Occurrence of You and Me: Ehryn Torrell, Opening September 20th!!

Pull, 2013, Acrylic on canvas, 20cm x 24cm

September 21– November 3, 2013
Opening reception:
Friday September 20, 7 to 9pm
Artist’s Talk & Workshop
for Culture Days 2013:
Saturday September 28 at 12pm

The Occurrence of You & Me is a poignant body of work that explores relationships, closeness and distance, and various forms of personal vulnerability. In this exhibition Ehryn Torrell presents works in a variety of tradition and new media created in collaboration with close friends and family. The works reveal attachment, anxiety and loss and speak powerfully about the processes of creation. In a recent description of her new work Torrell said:
Recently I have examined my research methods, which often involve long-distance travel. In my last body of work, I examined the visual and mental complexity of an empathetic relationship to China's built environment. To create the work, I travelled to cities across China, searching for ways to visualise the complexity of urbanization…Time and distance gave space for empathy and abstraction within complicated subject matter. Eventually, I was able to fill canvases with personal references alongside things I had seen. In more recent work, I have started to paint the quieter domestic spaces I've spent increasing amounts of time in as a new mother. There is a movement toward personal reference in my work and I want to explicitly examine the processes of translation and distancing .

I am currently making a body of work that explicitly involves translation and relinquishing control of the outcome. These new works involve collaboration, which allows me (typically a painter working alone in a studio) to question things like control and authorship in new and exciting ways. This marks a new direction for my artistic practice, although it still very much continues my interest in the representation of experience and our relationship to objects.
Relationships, closeness and distancing are at the heart of these new projects.…By choosing personal subjects and collaborating with close friends and family, I hope to reveal something about attachment, anxiety, and loss. By making something new - in mediums that I have less experience with - I hope to speak about vulnerability and the very human processes of creation and attempts at 're-creation.'

The exhibition will include some paintings, which have typically been Torrell’s primary form of expression, but also installation, prints, drawings, video and performance.
Ehryn Torrell studied at McMaster and NSCAD Universities. Her exhibition Self-Similar was exhibited at the Macdonald Stewart Art Centre and St. Mary’s University Art Gallery. She has taught at Guelph U, Brock, and NSCAD. Originally from southern Ontario, she currently lives in London, England.


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