September 13- December 1, 2013
Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels (Brooklyn) + VnessWolfCHild (Detroit)

Artists will be in attendance for the opening reception on September 13th 6-11pm
Crystal Cavern (Sky High Gallery edition) is an installation and sound experience by Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels (Brooklyn) and VnessWolfCHild (Detroit). Using old discarded lath, SVBF transforms the innards of house walls into large pulsing geometric wall hangings that grow into a portal room, shifting the ordinary into the mystical. Into that space, VnessWoldCHild layers field recordings from late-night explorations with self-composed instrumentation samples to create lush sonic textures to slow mental fluctuations. Combined they make a place that belongs to the alchemy of our humanness, a place to rest in the continuous lineage of the universe. Crystal Cavern is the temple of ourselves, for each other.

Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels is a Tennessee installation artist based in Brooklyn. From discarded housing materials she makes large-scale constructions, fading existing architecture into placeless places with awkward entrances and inviting nooks. Her installations abstract buildings' structures into layers that explores how constructed environments create experiential constructs. Bothwell Fels explores visual representations of how humans are each made from the genetic and emotional layers of thousands of people. She abstracts and compress geometric representations of forms that are both made up of layers of tiny versions of themselves and also grow larger versions of themselves quasi-infinitely— like crystals made of a lattice of crystallite grains, or the Sierpinski triangle made of infinitely smaller triangles. Loosely combining concepts from her paintings with a site's specific geography, she builds towards particular feelings and moments that subtly form experiences within the installation. SVBF's large-scale installations are most often shown in abandoned or odd locations; her work has been found in a former Brooklyn convent, a crumbling machine warehouse in Detroit, and an deserted secret society Lodge in Philadelphia; and recently at Scope, F.L.A. Gallery, Clocktower Gallery, and the Palais de Tokyo. 

VnessWolfCHild is a musician and interactive ritual healing performance artist who uses installation, sound, video, and movement, to create performances uncovering, understanding and integrating subtle aspects of existence. Most recent works deal with the relationship between being in a physical, spiritual and emotional body in the current state of things while exploring the frequency of joy. Through life and art Vness is on a mystical quest to absolve herself from suffering by riding the wondrous love joy train into the depths of the collective heart.

Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels, 2012

Additional artist information and press images available


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