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GPAG Fall Courses are OFFICIALLY open for registration!


Painting, printmaking, clay, collage, sculpture, book arts, mixed media, found object art and so much more! Children will learn important technical skills while exploring fun and educational themes. All our classes are taught by professional artists with experience working with children.
To meet community needs, we have made some changes to Seasonal Programming this Fall. We hope you will take advantage of the new opportunities we are offering and welcome your feedback and suggestions!

NEW Art Club for Kids! Ages 5-12 years Thursdays September 12 – November 28 from 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm (October 24 will be from 6-8pm) 12 sessions With Kendra Spurgeon
$5.00 Drop-In fee OR
Welcome to the gallery..
Tidewater Gallery is located at 107 Front Street on the historic Swansboro waterfront. The two floors of the 1901 W.E. Mattocks House offers an eclectic collection of fine art and fine crafts by local artists as well as those from around the United States, Canada, Peru and Haiti.

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Eric McRay - Jazz Series

McRay earned a BFA degree at the Maryland Institute, College of Art, where he received a four-year scholarship. In 1998, he was juried into downtown Raleigh's prestigious Artspace. Eric has served in the offices of Vice-President and President of the Artspace Artists Association, as well as served on Artspace's board of directors. McRay has been featured on TV and radio, and in numerous newspapers and magazines. The Raleigh News & Observer named him one of the "Artists to Watch" for 2001. He was featured in the June 2002 issue of Southern Living Magazine. In 2008, McRay was anointed by Metro Magazine, "Best Local Artist".

Also, McRay has consistently participated in and supported many charitable art exhibits and other community art events. Some of McRay's corporate collectors include American Tobacco Campus, Duke University Medical Center, NC State University, UNC Chapel Hill, SAS Institute, and Western Wake Hosp…
Joyce Ross - original watercolor
A graduate of Meredith College and a native of North Carolina, Joyce maintains studios in Enfield and Swansboro. Having traveled, taught art and studied with well known artists such as Charles Sharpe, Becky Patman and Tony Couch, Joyce continues to be inspired to capture a moment or place in time - and tell a story.

Joyce Ross Prints


CRYSTAL CAVERN September 13- December 1, 2013 Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels (Brooklyn) + VnessWolfCHild (Detroit)
Artists will be in attendance for the opening reception on September 13th 6-11pm Crystal Cavern (Sky High Gallery edition) is an installation and sound experience by Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels (Brooklyn) and VnessWolfCHild (Detroit). Using old discarded lath, SVBF transforms the innards of house walls into large pulsing geometric wall hangings that grow into a portal room, shifting the ordinary into the mystical. Into that space, VnessWoldCHild layers field recordings from late-night explorations with self-composed instrumentation samples to create lush sonic textures to slow mental fluctuations. Combined they make a place that belongs to the alchemy of our humanness, a place to rest in the continuous lineage of the universe. Crystal Cavern is the temple of ourselves, for each other.
----- Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels is a Tennessee installation artist based in Brooklyn. Fro…

Opening Friday 23rd

Hi all, I'll be in the gallery this Friday 23rd August for a couple of hours between 3-7pm. This will one of the last opportunities to pick up some work from Hand Held before we pack up and move on. Join me for a glass of wine and a zine!Posted with Blogsy

RIP: Producer Luciano Martino (1933 - 2013)

I have just learned of the death today of legendary Italian film producer Luciano Martino, the brother of director Sergio Martino, at the age of 80. Simply put, the Golden Age of Italian Fantasy would have been no more than an aberration without his financial support and encouragement of this man, who sometimes went by the name of "Martin Hardy" on screens trying very hard not to appear Italian. Among his most important productions: Brunello Rondi's IL DEMONIO, Mario Bava's THE WHIP AND THE BODY, Antonio Margheriti's THE GIANTS OF ROME, Romolo Guerrieri's THE SWEET BODY OF DEBORAH, Umberto Lenzi's SO SWEET... SO PERVERSE (aka ORGASMO), Giuliano Carmineo's WHAT ARE THOSE STRANGE DROPS OF BLOOD ON JENNIFER'S BODY?, Lenzi's CANNIBAL FEROX, Lamberto Bava's BLASTFIGHTER, and Sergio's own marvelous series of giallo thrillers, including THE CASE OF THE SCORPION'S TAIL, THE STRANGE VICE OF MRS. WARDH and ALL THE COLORS OF THE DARK. He con…

RIP Cerlet "Haji" Catton (1946 - 2013)

Francesca "Kitten" Natividad has just posted on Facebook news of the death of Russ Meyer actress Haji at the age of 67. Haji (real name: Cerlet Catton) was best known as the Italian third of the female gang in FASTER, PUSSYCAT! KILL! KILL!, but she also appeared a few short times in his other masterpiece BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS, as well as more conspicuous roles in MOTOR PSYCHO, GOOD MORNING... AND GOODBYE! and SUPERVIXENS. Outside of Meyer's orbit, she also appeared in such exploitation fare as BIGFOOT, WHAM! BAM! THANK YOU, MR SPACEMAN and ILSA, HAREM KEEPER OF THE OIL SHEIKS, as well as in John Cassavetes' THE KILLING OF A CHINESE BOOKIE.

Though her stage name carried a heady whiff of more exotic intrigue, Haji was North American -- a Quebecoise, according to most printed sources, though her own Facebook page set her origins in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She found her way into acting as an exotic dancer, taking her stage name from a term of endearment gi…

Intercept: Kirk Mayhew @ 1305

Opening Final Friday, August 30th, with an artist reception that evening from 6-11 pm is:
New Work by Kirk Mayhew
August 30th- September 22nd
Gallery Hours Thurs- Sun: 12-4 & by appointment

2013 has been a year of great exhibitions at 1305 Gallery, and we start the fall season off with yet another. Kirk Mayhew had one of the first shows 1305 hosted back in 2005, so revisiting his work has been a long time coming. In between then and now Mr. Mayhew has continued to be a prolific and often unpredictable ceramic artist, pushing the boundaries of his medium as well as working outside of it completely in solo and collaborative projects. He is and has been a beloved teacher to many, and is the type of artist that will never say no to a creative challenge. So once again he tackles putting together an exhibition of 3-D work in the small and streamlined 1305 Gallery space.

Intercept is a group of new work that explores very timely questions of identity and conformity within the context…


I haven't yet seen this for myself, but I'm told that VIDEO WATCHDOG gets a couple of nice mentions in Christa Faust's latest novel, THE BURNING MAN, the second of three projected books spun off from Fox's sci-fi series FRINGE. Robert W. Getz wrote to tell me: "THE BURNING MAN concerns itself with the early years of the show's Olivia Dunham [played on the show by Anna Torv]. One character, we're told, 'always read his copy of VIDEO WATCHDOG as slowly as he could so it would last as long as possible.'" 

Thank you, Christa Faust!

Peek o' Boop

This new Olive Films release was dropped through the mail slot today, for which I count myself a fortunate man. (Though I would count myself as still more fortunate if Olive would kindly upgrade VW's screeners to Blu-ray.) I watched two of the cartoons while eating a late breakfast; they were both restored from UM&M TV Corp. fine grains or negatives, so the source materials date back only to 1955. The surreal "Chess Nuts" (1932) looks like a fine grain, nice but not too substantial an improvement over what we have seen before; but the hilarious "Betty Boop, M.D." (also '32), with its uproarious closing poke at Fredric March's Mr. Hyde, looks a good deal more detailed and suggests negative sourcing.

I am annoyed, as I imagine many other collectors are or will be, that Olive Films appears to have been guided in compiling the Boops by which titles are not in the public domain. As a result, these sets are pitched to casual fans rather than being given th…