Summer Sundays at the GPAG!

Beat the heat and come to the gallery for a variety of fun and creative activities for all ages that will happen in the lobby, studio, and gallery!

The Art Gallery is open from 1pm to 5pm every Sunday during the Summer

July 7th
A Day of Wood
Learn how to do wood burning, carving, and turning. Information and displays will be given about the Grand Old White Oak Tree Stand. There will be a tour of Simon Frank’s exhibition Modern Oak.
Free event; 1:30-4pm

July 14th 
Origami Exchange
Come in to learn different origami methods such as paper cranes, stars, and butterflies or teach other people your origami skills.
Free event; 2-4pm

July 21
Necklace and Earring set Workshop with Crystal Zettel
Learn basic wirework techniques and make beautiful necklaces and earrings. 
Pre-registration required
$25 members/ $35 non-members; 1:30-4:30pm

July 28
Kristen Smith "A Study in Classical History: Ancient Greek and Roman Art"
Come in to learn about ancient art and architecture of Crete, Turkey and Rome. This talk will explain the history of the artworks and the transformation of the architecture over ancient times.
 Free event; 1:30-3pm

August 4
The Rag TreeLearn about the meaning behind the tree and add a rag provided by the Gallery or bring your own material to write a message or make a rag doll to add to the Rag Tree.
Free event; 2-4pm

August 11
Opening celebration for Where Artists Dare to Tread
Come and join us for the opening of the exhibition that encompasses the dynamic relationship between people and the landscapes we inhabit.
Free event; 2-4pm

August 18
Summer Painting in a Grimsby Garden with Jan Yates
Join in making a Monet style “en plein-air” painting inspired by fresh flowers of a Grimsby summer garden.
Pre-registration required
$25 members/ $35 non-members;1:30-4:30pm

August 25
Mike Smith “The Art of Stamps”
Come in to learn about the process of stamp making and the art behind each stamp. Includes a look at stamps by local artists and a unique stamp collection.
Free event; 1:30-4:30pm


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