Opening reception for Modern Oak this Friday at 7pm!

Modern Oak
Simon Frank
June 14-June 28, 2013
Opening reception & Artist Talk: Friday, June 21st @7pm

The new exhibition at the Grimsby Public Art Gallery is called Modern Oak by Hamilton artist Simon Frank. This exhibition features ten different pieces (ranging from an actual tree displayed in the gallery to a video loop showing the creation and planting of trees) that refer to the tradition of Landscape painting. Modern Oak highlights human interactions with nature and how the landscape tradition has impacted our awareness of the natural world.

One major piece, Mount Analogue, is a huge floor to ceiling painting. This piece references traditional landscapes and is made of numerous individual paintings assembled together. It was created by stamping the plywood surface with a log marking hammer, a traditional logging tool. The log marking hammer is used in the logging industry for identification purposes; the hammer is slammed into the cut end of the tree, branding trees that are headed to the sawmill, so that they can be identified as belonging to a particular company prior to processing. In Mount Analogue, Frank has used a tool that is part of an industry that destroys the natural landscape to create an image of the natural landscape, symbolically reversing the process.

Prior to Modern Oak, Frank along with Tor Lukasic-Foss, created a collaborative installation called Naturivia along the 40 Mile Creek Trail in Grimsby. This piece was installed in the fall of 2012 and features interpretive trail signs that relate to the natural heritage and the important human history of the area. This ongoing exhibition is open to the public along the trail that links the Grimsby waterfront to the Niagara Escapement.

We invite you to visit the GPAG, experience both of these exhibitions and explore the relationship Canadian culture has with its own art history and to the land that continues to define it.

Find out more about our current exhibition: Modern Oak on The Source, Cogeco:

- Meagan Bourdeau, GPAG Co-op student 2013


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