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andrew j. offutt (1934-2013)

Today's news of the death of fantasy author andrew j. offutt comes to me as half of a very strange coincidence.

Last week on eBay, I scored a small stack of Tom Reamy's deluxe 1960s-'70s fanzine TRUMPET, which I'd always wanted to know more about; they arrived yesterday and I was surprised to discover that my old friend andy had written a column for them. When I say TRUMPET was deluxe, I mean photo-offset and art and writing by the best in the business at that time. Even their letters column was illustrious. And I have to say, I hadn't really thought of andy in years. I read andy's columns and enjoyed them; one of them was illustrated with three pictures of the young fellow he must have been at that time, and they brought back memories of his direct and wily gaze and that impressive Kentucky colonel voice he had etched into ordinary sinew with decades of intensive and unusual reading. ("I've read all of Havelock Ellis," he boasts in one of these co…

Wayzgoose 2013 Pictures

It is with great pleasure that we announce the success of our annual Wayzgoose! The Gallery hosted over 40 new and returning exhibitors in the lobby, the library, the studio and the Carnegie Commons building. More than 2000 visitors were welcomed over the course of the day. We sincerely thank every person and group that helped to make Wayzgoose2013 a success.
Please enjoy photos of the day after the cut!