Monday, 25 March 2013

Art House Cafe Lecture Series- Pictures!

Below are some photos taken at our most recent Art House Cafe Lecture series talk “Douglas Coupland: 21st Century Brain”, which was presented by Julia Polyck-O’Neill, graduate student in Studies in Comparative Literature and Art at Brock University.
Thank you to all who attended and continue to support GPAG programming!


The next lecture "Communal Affect: Affect in Socially Engaged Art" is scheduled for April 19, 2013 at 7pm and will be presented by Suzanne Carte.
Suzanne is a graduate Student in Contemporary Art History at the Sotheby’s Institute of Art, NYC and Assistant Curator of the Art Gallery of York University. Her talk will examine community-based art practices as seen through the lens of affect theory and investigate works by Paul Chan, Suzanne Lacy and Humberto Vélez.
More details soon!

Admission is free. Please call to reserve a seat as space is limited: 905-945-3246

Wayzgoose is coming!

The signatures for the 2013 Wayzgoose Anthology are here!!
Time to collate!

Annual Book Arts Fair
Saturday April 27 from 9 am - 5 pm
In the Gallery, Library & Carnegie Building

Each year on the last Saturday in April practitioners of a wide variety of book related arts, including letterpress printers, printmakers, paper makers and hand bookbinders, gather at the Grimsby Public Art Gallery to present their work to the  public, renew connections with colleagues and share their expertise with the next generation of artists and artisans.

The Grimsby Wayzgoose started in 1979 as a small gathering of friends and colleagues that attracted about 300 visitors. Since then it has grown into an eagerly awaited annual event with 45 to 50 artisans exhibiting their creations for the more than 2000 people who regularly attend the event. Participants and visitors come from across Ontario, Quebec and the North Eastern states. There are also often a few travelers from Europe, Japan and across the U.S. who find their way to Grimsby to enjoy and appreciate this fascinating craft.

The Wayzgoose Anthology has been part of the tradition since 1981. Each contributing artist creates a sample of work in a format that can be bound into a book. These sections are known as signatures, and the signatures from all the contributing artists are organized and hand bound into a volume that is sought after and cherished by many bibliophiles. In honour of the 35th anniversary of Wayzgoose a special   juried call for signatures was distributed across North America and in Europe; these signatures will form a special extra section of the 2013 Wayzgoose Anthology. Sales of the Wayzgoose Anthology help to offset the costs associated with Wayzgoose; the 2013 Anthology will be available on the 27th; many back issues are also available.

The impact that Wayzgoose has on culture and tourism in the Grimsby area is significant, both because of the number of people that come to town for the event and for the potential it has to generate repeat visitors. Wayzgoose provides a wonderful opportunity to experience first-hand the traditions that turned us into a literate society. We look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones on Saturday, April 27th.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Images from Sara Pearce's "Sporting" Series

Hello! These new beauties will be in the RolePlay show:

© Sarah Pearce, 2013


mixed-media collage: vintage print, map (U.S. Geological Survey) and illustrations (Woman's World, 1922; Architectural Forum, 1960); ink, watercolor, marker; archival mat board. Framed with conservation glass for UV protection.
17.5" x 8.75"

Helena Always Hooked the Big Ones

mixed-media collage: antique illustration (Peterson's Magazine); vintage prints and map (U.S. Geological Survey); recycled greeting card, wrapping paper and children's book proof; hand-marbled paper; ink, watercolor, marker; archival mat board. Framed with conservation glass for UV protection.
18" x 9"

Leader of The Pack

mixed-media collage: antique illustrations (Peterson's Magazine); vintage prints and map (U.S. Geological Survey); handmade paper; ink, watercolor, marker; archival mat board. Framed with conservation glass for UV protection.
18" x 9"

The Twins Glided Around Hugo in Precise Circles

mixed-media collage:antique illustrations (Peterson's Magazine); vintage print and map (U.S. Geological Survey); recycled catalog cover, children's book proof, and tissue papers; ink, watercolor and acrylic paint, marker; acrylic matte medium image transfers (Popular Educator: Vols. 2 & 3, 1884); archival mat board. Framed with conservation glass for UV protection.
19" x 10" 

Friday, 22 March 2013

Found Maps, lost places ...


Jenny Bolhofner's intricate, layered, sewn and stained maps direct the viewers thoughts inwards. Towards islands of the unknown, inlets of uncertainty, isolated harbours, misguided passages and undefined destinations. These are Maps to Nowhere but they are reflective of everywhere, and everyone.

Navigate your way into Hand Held before April 13th.


Sunday, 17 March 2013

Sara Pearce: "RolePlay" @1305

Geoffrey Believed the Maxim That “The Ability to Accessorize Is What Separates Us From the Animals”

mixed-media collage by Sara Pearce, 2012
antique photograph, album page and illustrations (The Delineator; Godey’s Lady’s Book); 
vintage rhinestone button from the collection of Polly Pearce, recycled bead catalog;
ink, marker, watercolor. Framed in an antique frame, with conservation glass for UV protection.
6" x 8.25"

Opening Final Friday, March 29th with a a reception from 6-11 pm that evening is:


new collages by Sara Pearce

Exhibition runs through April 21st, with regular gallery hours Thursday- Sunday: 12-4 pm.

David Always Wore Pearls for Formal Portraits

mixed-media collage by Sara Pearce, 2012
antique photograph, album page and illustration (Delineator,  March 1893); 
recycled bead and jewelry catalogs; ink, marker. Framed in an antique
frame, with conservation glass for UV protection.
6.5" x 9"

It was kismet- Sara Pearce said yes to having a show at 1305 this year! I thought, "how very perfect to have her work here." I have had a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for Sara Pearce for years. Her relatively recent foray into creating visual art, making stunning collages from her impressive collection of vintage and antique paper, now gives me the opportunity to write about her. How very daunting!

If you are a patron of the arts in Cincinnati and haven't seen one of Pearce's pieces it's long past time that you did. She has dutifully documented much of her process and her publicity on her website, with links there to her blog which she posts in almost daily, if you need to catch up. A self-described frenetic personality, Pearce is as prolific at creating works of art as she is precise. Perhaps some of the profusion gains inertia from the artist's media: a vast and organized collection principally ofpaper

The collages, which she mostly will label as "mixed media," demand long labels to hold not just the clever and often wordy titles, but also to reference the publication or printed document from which each element owes its origin. Often very little of the piece is anything else other than meticulously cut and arranged original paper imagery or text. The artist will lend just a little watercolor, ink, or marker to many of the pieces in this exhibition, as well the occasional vintage rhinestone button. Ever present in the compositions is Ms. Pearce's wit, sensitivity to historic notions and objects, ability to point out our cultural fallacies, and a terrific eye for the fantastic. 

Come see RolePlay for a look into Sara Pearce's  pieces exploring contemporary and historical notions of gender, equality, and the ever-raging battle of the sexes. Check out Sara's website for additional images and info!

Charles Wondered Whether the Sleeves Were a Bit Much

mixed-media collage by Sara Pearce, 2012
antique photograph (photographer: Dana, 14th St. & 6th Ave., New York, NY),
album page and illustration (Delineator, Dec. 1895); ink, watercolor, marker.
Framed in an antique frame, with conservation glass for UV protection.
7.25" x 9.25"

Richard Felt Most Comfortable Cross Dressing in the Privacy of His Study

mixed-media collage by Sara Pearce, 2012
antique photograph, album page and illustrations (The Ladies World, Nov. 1895 & Oct. 1895; 
Delineator, June 1898, July 1899, Aug. 1899 & Sept. 1904); ink, marker, watercolor. 
Framed in an antique frame, with conservation glass for UV protection.
4" x 7"

Thursday, 14 March 2013

A Map to Nowhere

Jenny Bolhofner's exhibition 'A Map to Nowhere' opens at Hand Held next week.

Jenny has sent this beautiful exhibition over from America for her first solo show outside of the US.

Jenn will be in Melbourne from Wed 10th to Saturday 13th and we'd love for you to meet her.

Well schedule a meet the artist afternoon on the 13th and hopefully lots of you will be able to drop in and say hi.


"A Map to Nowhere"

Maps are supposed to tell us where we are. They show us how to go from point A to point B. Maps reveal relationships. They represent space and orientation. But I always wondered what a map of isolation would look like. How do you show space without anything in that space? How do you depict something without having anything nearby to determine scale, location, or relation? How do you make a map to nowhere? A life changing move to Guam, a tiny island in the Pacific, left me examining this idea. Suspended there, insignificant in the vast sea, I experienced feelings foreign to me- feelings of isolation and detachment. In this body of work, I wanted to explore these feelings through research and attempt to translate my emotions into something more calculated and scientific. I turned to Charles Darwin's studies on nature, geographical isolation and evolution to help symbolize my own feelings of severance. His work provides relevant theories on the creation and extinction of plant and animal species in areas isolated by geographic barriers. Living on an island, I could relate to these ideas of natural selection and allopatry (the process by which a population of species becomes separated by a physical barrier and divides into two different species). Collecting plant life around Guam, I incorporated them into my work to represent my own feelings of separation. Aesthetically, I used topographic imagery to attempt to connect personal feelings to something more tangible and universal. While emotions are ambiguous and hard to pinpoint, I feel that maps provide a platform in which the viewer can relate. Likewise, the use of repetition in imagery and process (i.e. layers of sewing) were integrated to connect the viewer to the concept of the mundane. Each stitch mimics the continuity and monotony of isolated living.


Fundraising Auction & Gala Event

Visions 2013: Artists in Wonderland
Fundraising Auction
& Gala Event
Saturday April 6, 2013 @ 7 pm
Tickets $30 each
Artists’ Reception & Auction Preview: Friday April 5 @ 7 pm

Don’t be late! Mark the Date! Tickets are now available at the GPAG or from the Volunteer Committee. Join Alice and her creative crew in a magical dream world full of art, music and wonderful surprises. Hang onto your head – you may well find the Queen of Hearts directing her court or the Mad Hatter, March Hare and Doormouse sharing tea or be greeted by Alice herself as the evening becomes curioser and curioser…

Artists in Wonderland will be an entertaining evening and a great party. As always, there will be an exciting  array of items up for auction - art, antiques, gift certificates, collectables and more. Some very special items this year will include the chance to meet Alice in person for the lucky buyer of four passes to Disney World for a family of four or you can relive the acclaimed performance of the ballet, Alice, with signed pictures and poster from the National Ballet. Regional artists will be lending their talents to the cause, by submitting original artwork and by decorating teacups for the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Exciting donations are also coming from the many generous individuals and businesses in our community who support the gallery.

The annual Visions event is the Volunteer Committee’s main fundraiser and the source of vital resources that will allow the Gallery to continue providing top quality art programming for communities right across the Niagara Peninsula. Proceeds from this year’s auction will support our Educational programs for children and the work that we do to preserve and care for art in the permanent collection. Everybody is invited to attend the Artists' Reception and Auction Preview on Friday, April 5th when guests will have the opportunity to socialize with local artists, place advance silent bids and review the items that will be up for live auction during the Saturday evening gala. 

The Art Gallery and Volunteer Committee look forward to your continued support and attendance at this very important fundraising event. Many hands make light work and we are always happy to welcome new volunteers. If you have time to give or just need a little more information, please contact the  gallery at 905-945-3246 or

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

TIFF Film: Beasts of the Southern Wild

March 28 @ 7pm
Tickets are available for purchase at the Gallery for $8
Director: Benh Zeitlin
Country: USA 2012
Language: English
Time: 93 mins
Principal Cast:  Quvenzhane Wallis, Dwight Henry, Levy Easterly.

Faced with her hot-tempered father’s fading health and melting ice-caps that flood her ramshackle bayou community and unleash ancient aurochs, six-year-old  Hushpuppy must learn the ways of courage and love. Nominated for Best Picture at the 85th Annual Academy Awards.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Sites Re-Seen on Cogeco TV

Here is a great feature on our current exhibition Sites Re-Seen and our March Break programmes! Thanks to The Source- Niagara/ Cogeco TV for helping us spread the word about all the wonderful things happening at the GPAG.

Director/ Curator: Rhona Wenger
Artist: Laurel Campbell
Education & Media Coordinator: Brigitte Huard

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Little Friends: Milwaukee's Worst

Little Friends: Milwaukee's Worst
New work by The Little Friends of Printmaking
March 15 - April 7, 2013

Opening reception: Friday, March 22nd 6-10pm
Artists will be in attendance selling cash & carry editioned prints

Sky High Gallery is pleased to present a new body of work by Milwaukee based print duo THE LITTLE FRIENDS OF PRINTMAKING. This show is being presented in association with the 2013 Southern Graphics Conference.

Artist's BIO:
You can easily spot The Little Friends of Printmaking in a crowd—their inky hands and clothes are a dead giveaway. Their work is just as distinctive. JW & Melissa Buchanan first made a name for themselves through their silkscreened concert posters, but soon branched out into further fields, designing fancy junk for whoever would pay them money. In addition to their work as illustrators and designers, they've continued their fine art pursuits through exhibitions, lectures, and artists’ residencies, spreading the gospel of silkscreen to anyone inclined to listen. Their awards include honors from the Art Directors’ Club, American Illustration, and Communication Arts; their work has been published in the books New Masters of Poster Design [Rockport], Juxtapoz: Poster Art [Gingko Press], and Handmade Nation [Princeton Architectural Press], among others.

Our aesthetic is broadly influenced by the silkscreen process and its idiosyncrasies-- We love its flatness; the interplay between ink layers; its bold immediacy and its capacity for subtlety. We try to imbue our print designs with a playful looseness that leads the viewer to consider the process by which the print was created, in order to demystify the process and reaffirm the qualities that make screenprints desirable and unique among works on paper.
For us, the definitions of Art and Design have become interchangeable. We work primarily as printmakers, but also take on design projects from outside collaborators. We've charted an alternate course for ourselves somewhere between Art and Design, without drawing a bright line of distinction between them.


Additional press materials & images available upon request.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Life as a Solo

Renuka Rajiv's stunning drawings, artist sketchbooks and quirky paper mache sculptures are on display at Hand Held as part of her 'Life As A Solo' exhibition - on until March 16th.


Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Art House Café Lecture Series

22 March 2013, 7pm
Speaker: Julia Polyck-O’Neill, graduate student in Studies in Comparative Literature and Art at Brock University presents “Douglas Coupland: 21st Century Brain”.

Hosted by the Grimsby Public Art Gallery in the Periodicals Reading Room of the Grimsby Public Library. 
18 Carnegie Lane, Grimsby, ON

Admission is Free! 
Light refreshments will be served

The Art House Café Lecture Series promotes the ideas of young and emerging scholars from regional universities and provides an opportunity for them to present their research through lectures in a Parisian café ambiance that encourages sharing inspiration and cultivating ideas.

The fourth lecture in this new series will be presented on 22 March 2013 at 7pm by Julia Polyck-O’Neill, an MA student in Studies in Comparative Literature and Art at Brock University.  Polyck-O’Neill’s talk, “Douglas Coupland: 21st Century Brain” will explore a chronological map she created of Douglas Coupland’s dissemination of postmodern Canadian culture by means of specific works of art, which she will discuss in relation to passages of his literary work, both creative nonfiction and fiction.  This will offer a sense of Coupland’s conceptual development and an examination of his critical stance, while also providing a unique perspective on his use of playfulness and humour as a means of engaging with complex issues. 

Julia Polyck-O’Neill was born and raised in Whitehorse, Yukon where she was active in the visual arts and theatre communities.  She pursued a Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours in Visual Arts, with a concentration in English, graduating Cum Laude, at University of Ottawa.  While in Ottawa Polyck-O’Neill was involved in the art scene working at the Ottawa Art Gallery and exhibiting at the university’s student-run gallery and Ottawa’s SAW Gallery.  During the summers in Whitehorse, she performed live weekly book reviews on CBC Radio North.   She is currently an MA student at Brock University writing a major research paper on the work of Douglas Coupland.

The Art House Café Lecture Series is dedicated to the memory of Pat and Edith Brown.

The Grimsby Public Art Gallery is pleased to acknowledge the partnership of the Grimsby Public Library and the generous sponsorship of the Niagara Neighbourhood New Idea Fund, as well as private donations made in memory of Edith and Pat Brown. The Series is also sponsored by Mrs. Lenore Kummel, Dr. Andy Lam, Dr. Donald G. Smith, Dr. Elizabeth Shoemaker and Phelps Homes Ltd.

Please RSVP by 20 March to or 905-945-3246 as seating is limited. 

For more information contact:
Maeve Hanna, Project Coordinator or Brigitte Huard, Education and Media Coordinator
Grimsby Public Art Gallery
(904) 945 3246

Monday, 4 March 2013


March Break at the GPAG!
This week of art and fun includes a wide variety projects incorporating painting, printmaking, clay sculpture, collage, book-related arts and found object sculpture, as well as a guided visit of our current exhibition Sites Re-Seen featuring works by artists Tod Ainslie and Laurel Campbell.

Our camp classes are limited to 15 participants each and are led by qualified educators in both the Arts and teaching techniques. Co-operative learning and creative expression are encouraged while fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination are developed with each project. Each day focuses on a specific media so your child can pick their favourite, try something new, or join us for the whole week for an exciting, well-rounded Art experience.
Students are grouped according to age, with all working on similar projects adapted to their individual skill levels.

March Break 2013: March 11th-15th
Single Class: members $18/ non-members $22
Whole Week: members $80/ non-members $96

Sign up for single days or the whole week!
Register today! Call 905-945-3246

Mini Maker Mornings
9:30 am-12:00 noon
Children  ages 5-8 years old


Avid Artists Afternoons
1:30 pm-4:00 pm
Children ages 8-12 years old

Monday: Painting
Tuesday: Printmaking
Wednesday : Clay
Thursday : Collage and Book Arts
Friday : Found Object Sculpture


Art Tots
With Brigitte Huard
From ages 3+ years with a parent
Wed March 27, April 3, 10, 17 (4 sessions)
10:00 - 10:30 am
Learn new art techniques and craft ideas that parents and young children can do together. Child friendly  materials and a hands–on approach will allow junior artists to express themselves in a fun & safe way.
$27 members / $32 non–members

Arts Club Junior
With Katia Perez–Turgeon
From ages 5-8 years
Saturdays April 13, 20, May 4, 11, 18, 25
(6 sessions)
10 am - 12 pm
Students will learn the basics of fundamental art  practices and media while creating exciting works of art.
$80 members / $96 non–members

Arts Club
With Katia Perez-Turgeon
From ages 8–12 years
Saturdays  April 13, 20, May 4, 11, 18, 25
(6 sessions)
1- 3 pm
Students will further develop existing skills and improve creative thinking as they experiment with a variety of media and techniques in the creation of challenging projects.
$80 members / $96 non–members


From Words to Image to Music
With George Brasovan
Sunday May 5 from 2– 4 pm
Ages 14 +
This course takes the participants through a creative process starting with a sentence (statement) leading to a story  to poetry/lyrics to images (graphics/video) and music. The final product will consists of a multimedia project assembled and edited on computer to be taken home at the end of the course in the DVD format. The course aims to provide a creative environment in which the participants can feel free to express themselves as a group or individually and learn how to create content and links in various media and how to use available user-friendly technology to bring it all together. The full course was recently part of a project involving students, teachers and parents in Toronto. Titled "Project Discovery" it received a number of awards including the 'Prime Minister Award for Teaching Excellence". 
Free Information Session. Please call 905-945-3246 to reserve a seat.


Paint Play
With Jan Yates
Tuesdays March 26, April 2 & 9
(3 sessions) 6- 8 pm
This series will open up new ideas and fresh ways of 'seeing'. Exploration in varying influences and techniques are emphasized and you will be encouraged to experiment with colour, brush work and paint application. We will work from direct observation as well as learn how to use reference materials so your paintings look fresh and vital-not copied. Choose your preferred subject matter i.e. landscape, abstract or still life. A materials list will be provided upon registration.
$40 members / $50 for non-members

Encaustic Workshop
With Jan Yates
Sunday April 7 (1 session)
1:30- 4:30 pm
Ancient and intriguing, this method of painting originated in Greece, where it was used for the earliest easel and mural painting. A heady combination of colour, melting wax and heat, encaustic mixes dry and oil pigments in hot beeswax.
Artist & educator Jan Yates has been working with this luscious medium for over 15 years and will share techniques including image transfer, collage, colour, glazing, layering, relief, and drawing.
Classes are enjoyable for those with no previous art-making experience as well as returning artists who want to further explore this alluring and tactile medium. A materials fee of $15 payable to the  instructor at the beginning of class will cover the cost of wax, tools and pigment. A materials list will be provided upon registration.
$25 members/ $35 non-members

Life Drawing
No instructor
Wed April 3, 17 & May 1, 15 (4 sessions)
6:30- 9:30 pm
This Open Studio format allows each artist to determine their own needs ~ quick studies to extended poses. There is no instructor and each participant chooses their own media. No materials are provided by the gallery.
$50 members / $60 non–members

Necklace and Earring Set Workshop
With Crystal Zettel
Sunday April 21 (1 session)
1:30 pm- 4:30 pm  
Using basic wirework techniques, participants will make a beautiful Y drop necklace and earring set. Perfect for the beginner or students interested in  furthering their skills.
A materials fee of $20 payable to the instructor at the start of class will cover a personal kit containing Chinese crystals and fresh water pearls and your choice of gold plated or silver plated tone findings (please notify your preference upon registration). Students must bring: scissors, flat nose and round nose, flush cutters.
$25 members / $35 non–members
Seniors Art Classes
at the Grimsby Senior Centre
Andrea Eby
Fri April 5– May 10 (6 sessions)
(April 19th class will be held at the Art  Gallery)
1– 3 pm
This NEW drawing & painting course will give you the control you need and the freedom you desire to enjoy the process of creating your own masterpiece! From novice to advanced– all are welcome! Classes will take place in the new activities room at the Grimsby Seniors Centre. All materials are included.
$60 per student

Please register early to avoid disappointment! Spaces are limited.

All gallery programs are subject to minimum and maximum registration. Payment is required 7 days after the date of registration to ensure a spot. Classes are subject to change. Cancellations require 7 days notice to receive a full refund. The gallery is not responsible for missed classes, and does not pro-rate classes. 

Thank you for supporting the Arts in your community!


The Grimsby Public Art Gallery is pleased to offer this opportunity to members with a family membership. Birthday Parties can be booked for groups of up to 15 children. You provide the cake, decorations and refreshments, we provide an artist to instruct the children in a craft or art project. We are happy to customize the activity to fit a theme if you have one in mind! Parties are 3 hours, with the art class lasting approximately 1 hour to 1.5 hours. The remaining time can be used for refreshments, games, gifts and cake. Parties must be organized during regular gallery hours and around Studio availability so we may not be able to accommodate your preferred time. It is a good idea to book your party early.

Fees for a 3 hour party are $175. A $50 security deposit is required on all room rentals. Media available: Painting, drawing, collage and/ or printmaking.

Remember ~ The Grimsby Public Art Gallery offers a wide range of programming for students at both the Elementary and Secondary School levels, including exhibition tours, and virtual exhibitions that bring the art to the classroom! Our Education Guide is available at the gallery for further information. Make sure your child’s teacher is aware of this great opportunity to enrich their students’ art education!