Fall Exhibitions

Jaime Angelopoulous & Derrick Piens
October 13 – November 25
Opening reception:

Sunday October 14, 2-4 pm

Derrick Piens and Jaime Angelopolous are creators of dynamic and evocative abstract forms. These are sculptures that reference a variety of familiar objects and by doing so explore a wide range of viewer response and interaction. Familiar materials used in unusual combinations and exciting contrasts of texture and colour are brought together in these objects in ways that encourage the viewer to laugh out loud while simultaneously pondering the inexplicable.
The interaction of the sculpture, the space and the viewer is important to each artist. In her artist statement Angelopolous says:
…I am interested in exploring aspects of bodily experience including perception, sensation, physicality and …the immaterial emotional self. My sculptural works emphasize tactility, promoting a physical engagement with the viewer…Narrative based titles…set a conversational tone, inviting the viewer’s participation, infusing abstract and ambiguous forms with personal meaning.
Piens expresses parallel concerns with the intricate relationship between these elements:
My current studio practice considers the continuous process of transformation that objects undergo within urban and rural environments…I am interested in the transient and transformative character of objects as they evolve and erode throughout time…I am interested in exploring the physical relationship that exists between sculpture, the viewer and the space they both simultaneously inhabit.
Both artists earned their BFA’s at NASCAD, then went on to complete MFA’s – Piens at the Meadows School of Art in Dallas, Texas and Angelopolous at York University in Toronto. Both currently live and work in Toronto.

Autumn 2012
Simon Frank and Tor Lukasik–Foss

Naturivia at the Grimsby Public Art Gallery is a site-specific intervention of ten nature/culture interpretive signs, which will be installed along the 40 Mile creek trail that passes through Grimsby - from the Niagara Escarpment to the shore of Lake Ontario.
Simon Frank and Tor Lukasik-Foss view Naturivia as a kind of reinvention or recalibration of the “idea” of recreational parkland and hiking trails for a contemporary audience.  For this project they will create interpretive trail signage that poses contemplative and provocative questions, to direct people’s experience as they walk the trail. The trail signs will play upon the site’s natural heritage; its unique topography, and the flora and fauna found along the trail, as well as referencing the important human history of the place.

Along with the ten signs, the artists will also produce a small guidebook for the public.  These guidebooks will give the answers to the questions posed by the signs, as well as providing any annotated notes related to the ideas explored by each sign.


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