Summer Classes & Workshops at the GPAG


Painting, printmaking, clay, collage, sculpture, book arts, mixed media, found object art and so much more each week! Children will learn important skills while exploring a new fun and educational theme each week. These exciting projects are sure to challenge and entertain students all Summer long!

Mini Makers Mornings
For ages 5-8 years; 9:30 am-12:00 pm
Avid Artists Afternoons
For ages 8-12 years;1:30 pm- 4:00 pm
*please note the All Day Arts & Letters camp has different times

Week 1: July 9 – 13
Circus Week: Under The Big Top!

Regular 1/2 day: Members $80 / Non-members $96
Calling all little ringmasters! Clowns, acrobats, trained animals, trapeze acts, musicians, tightrope walkers, jugglers, unicyclists and stunt artists are all waiting to come to life through a variety of spectacular art projects you will make during this fun-filled-week!

Week 2: July 16 – 20
Around The World In Five Days

Regular 1/2 day: Members $80 / Non-members $96
Join us at the gallery for an Art Adventure around the Globe your child won’t forget! Inspired by the love of travel, exploring distant lands, and making new friends, students will learn about other countries and cultures through projects designed to expand their horizons.

Week 3:July 23 – 27
Space Invaders!

Regular 1/2 day: Members $80 / Non-members $96
Kids in spaaace! This is the week for all the little space cadets out there who love looking up at the night sky, counting stars, finding constellations and dreaming about the Milky Way. Learn about the cosmos through art, and maybe run into an alien or two along the way!

Week 4: July 30 – August 3
Arts & Letters For Ages 5 - 8 years

NEW! ALL DAY CAMP: $160 - 9:00am - 3:30pm
Extended care is  available for an additional $30 

Extended care begins at 8:30am and ends at 5:00pm
The Grimsby Public Art Gallery and the Grimsby Public Library invite your little Book Worms to come explore the wonderful world of books and book-related arts. Through an exciting combination of literacy and creativity, students will create artworks and stories to share!

Week 5: August 7 - 10 (short week)
Earth Week: Recycle, Reduce, Reuse!

Short week: $64 Members / Non-members $77
Don’t throw it out, make it into Art! Students will be amazed to discover the infinite creative possibilities of every day objects, all you need is imagination and a love of nature! Be Green and grow through the Arts!

Week 6: August 13 – 17
Once Upon A Time: Legends & Myths

Regular 1/2 day: Members $80 / Non-members $96
In a land far, far away, on a street named Carnegie Lane, brave heroes and crafty villains will gather to  create wondrous works inspired by legends and myths of old. This is the perfect week for Fantasy-loving students!

Week 7: August 20 – 24
Deep Sea Adventures

Regular 1/2 day: Members $80 / Non-members $96
Yarrr mateys! What fascinating creatures and lost treasures lie at the bottom of the ocean? Students will explore the watery depths through art projects inspired by sea life, ship wrecks, mythological creatures and much more!

Week 8: August 27 – 31
Wild Animal Safari

Regular 1/2 day: Members $80 / Non-members $96
What kid doesn’t love animals? For those students with an equal love of wildlife and the Arts, this week will explore the captivating world of zoology through works of art inspired by their favourite beasts!


Intro to Drawing
With Cathy Pascoe               
From ages 8-12 years
Sat- July 7, 14, 21 & 28 (4 sessions) 10 am - 12 pm

Participants can expect to learn the effects of light and shadow using graphite pencil. They will then work to translate light and shadow using coloured pencils to create vibrantly coloured pictures. Students will primarily work with still life to practice shading using colour. In the final stages students get to choose their own photo reference pictures (provided by instructor) to draw using pencil crayon.
$50 members/ $60 non-members

Digital Photography for Teens
With Alejandra Fernandez Perez
From ages 13-17 years
Sat- August 4, 11, 18, 25 (4 sessions) 1 - 3 pm

A unique intro class for teens looking to familiarize themselves with their own camera and with the art of photography. Students can expect to learn about exposure, key camera settings and composition through a hands on approach under the guidance of a peer instructor in a friendly and fun environment.
$50 members/ $60 non-members

Intro to Design
With Chris O’Hoski
Tues- July 10, 17, 24 & August 7 (4 sessions) 6 - 8 pm

Design is all around us. It's on our coffee cups, soda cans, magazine covers and even starts with the houses we live in. Traditional artists to high-end designers have always used tricks for their compositions. Introduction to Design is meant to take a contemporary look at how design came to be, and what discoveries led to the billboards we see today. This course is open to all levels, and will take a fun, simple approach using a variety of materials.
$50 members / $60 non–members

Colourful Interiors
With Katia Perez–Turgeon
Sat- July 7, 14, 21, 28 (4 sessions) 1:30 – 3:30 pm

Do you see your home a blank canvas? Have you struggled to find the perfect colour scheme to brighten your rooms? During this course you will learn various simple yet sophisticated solutions on how to improve the d├ęcor of your home using colour theory and composition in a friendly, creative environment.
$50 members / $60 non–members

Lino Block Workshop
With Sherilyn Lehn
Thurs-  July 19, 26 & August 2 (3 sessions) 6 – 8 pm

In this workshop students will learn about shape, line and texture and how these relate to the composition of lino block printing. Draw, transfer, chisel, ink, and print as you explore the world of multiples using this wonderful printmaking method. A materials list will be provided upon registration.
$45 members / $55 non–members

Flag & Accordion Books Workshop
With Louisa Kratka
Thurs-  August 16 (1 session) 6 - 9 pm

In this evening workshop, learn the basics of bookbinding by constructing two books by hand: one Flag Book and one Accordion Book. These are wonderful book structures for storing or displaying photos, recipes, or creating unique artists’ books. An additional $15 dollar fee paid to the instructor will cover a large portion of the materials. A materials list for the remainder will be provided upon     registration.
$30 members / $40 non–members

Ledger / Japanese Stab-Binding Workshop
With Louisa Kratka
Fri-  August 17 (1 session) 6 - 9 pm

In this evening workshop, learn the basics of bookbinding by constructing two books: ledger-style binding & Japanese stab-binding. These book structures make lovely, decorative journals,  notepads or photo albums. An additional $15 dollar fee paid to the instructor will cover a large portion of the materials. A materials list for the remainder will be provided upon registration.
$30 members / $40 non–members

*All gallery programs are subject to minimum and maximum registration. Payment is required 7 days after the date of registration to ensure a spot. Classes are subject to change. Cancellations require 7 days notice to receive a full refund. The gallery is not responsible for missed classes, and does not pro-rate classes without prior arrangements. 

The Grimsby Public Art Gallery is pleased to offer this opportunity to members with a family membership. Birthday Parties can be booked for groups of up to 15 children. You provide the cake, decorations and refreshments, we provide an artist to instruct the children in a craft or art project. We are happy to customize the activity to fit a theme if you have one in mind! Parties are 3 hours, with the art class lasting approximately 1 hour to 1.5 hours. The remaining time can be used for refreshments, games, gifts and cake. Parties must be organized during regular gallery hours and around Studio availability so we may not be able to accommodate your preferred time. It is a good idea to book your party early.
Fees for a 3 hour party are $175. A $50 security deposit is required on all room rentals. Media available: Painting, drawing, collage and/ or printmaking.

Remember ~ The Grimsby Public Art Gallery offers a wide range of programming for students at both the Elementary and Secondary School levels, including exhibition tours, and virtual exhibitions that bring the art to the classroom! Our Education Guide is available at the gallery for further information. Make sure your child’s teacher is aware of this great opportunity to enrich their students’ art education!


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