Upcoming Exhibition: Expressions

A Permanent Collection Exhibition
Curated by Rebecca Madamba
June 9– July 8, 2012
Opening reception: Sunday June 10 from 3-5pm
Music by Harpist Rachel Nolan

Expressions is an exhibition that explores artistic interpretations of the human head through painting, drawing, printmaking, as well as some sculptures. The works are curated from the Grimsby Public Art Gallery’s Permanent collection, featuring Expressionist characteristics in their subjective illustrations of human emotions.
The human mind is complex, and can be dangerous when left unexamined.  In our fast paced age, it is easy to lose track of our emotions, as we get caught up in day to day activities. The works selected explore ideas about human nature, and our tendency to repress our emotions behind the mask that we portray to the public. In the above charcoal drawing Bound Head, 1990, by Canadian artist Marlene Hilton Moore, the work reflects the essence of the exhibition as a whole, symbolically expressing the overwhelming pressures and anxieties that can imprison our minds.
Many themes have surfaced out of the artworks selected, such as symbolic notions of the mask, as a shield of protection, or a way to express our individuality and the way we want the world to see us.  On the day of the opening of this exhibition, Sunday June 10th 2012, there will be a mask making workshop from 12 p.m. to 3pm., conducted by Brock University Student, Jo Pacinda, followed by the opening reception from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., where students from the Niagara region will come together to express their own individuality, through the art of mask making. These works will also be exhibited at the gallery along with Expressions.
At the opening reception we are encouraging guests to attend wearing their own decorative masks, adding to the discussion and flow of ideas surrounding the themes of the show, ultimately becoming part of the exhibition itself. As a whole, this is an exhibition that explores the ultimate question of: what does it mean to be a human being? Please join us for this afternoon filled with art, philosophy and entertainment.


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