Hand-blown Glass by

Born in 1968 in the small farming town of Fayston, Vermont, Michael became fascinated by the power and majesty of glass at a very early age. After receiving a bachelor of arts degree in sculpture at the University of Vermont, Michael began working with Alan Goldfarb as a glassblower as he solidified his hand skills and developed his talent.

After studying with many glass artists, Michael opened Green Mountain Glassworks, his own studio and gallery in Granville, Vermont, located just south of the Mad River Valley near the Green Mountain National Forest.

"Much of my work is an exploration of possibilities using intricate traditional Italian cane, in the Murano tradition. During a visit to my studio you might see my team at work producing these remarkable glass rods. Using a wide array of ancient techniques I blend clear base glass with colored glass from Germany and New Zealand, drawing and twisting large masses of glass into rods up to 50 feet long and sometimes no thicker than a familiar yellow pencil. Making my own cane allows me the latitude to carry a creative concept from the very first hint of an idea to its full fruition. This cane, when broken into shorter lengths, informs the final design of much of my glasswork, both functional wares and sculpture." -Michael Egan  

Egan on display in the gallery...

Please contact the gallery regarding sizes, pricing or shipping.
Email - Call: 910-325-0660  or 919-593-0024


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