Michael Rooney
"I love to paint. I
have painted all my life. But now I want to paint every single day.

"My style is very eclectic, never
really following a set pattern. I like to go outside without a preconceived method or formula. I approach each painting differently but most are started with acrylic under paintings and finished in oils. I'm a plein air painter choosing the outdoors to a comfortable studio. Bugs, pesky bystanders and bad weather are just a few of the inconveniences I endure to capture the colors and nuances of nature in person.

 "My subject matter varies, but the theme is capturing what I’m around the most, and that’s the beaches of North Carolina, from Hatteras to Wrightsville Beach. If not the coast itself, I paint the stuff along the roads to get there. 

I’ll stop in a moments notice to paint a scene that stops me in my tracks. To do this you have to keep a flexible schedule and to make this a high priority or you'll get locked into a routine that keeps you too busy to paint. How tragic. I want to have the ability to determine my own course in this life and paint everyday."  - Mike Rooney


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