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"I find it an exciting challenge to explore a way to give a relinquished book a new life. The process of remodeling damaged and discarded books and their jackets into sculptural art pieces has developed over the past several years, stemming from my life-long practice of painting and of crafting objects of art by hand. 

Through the process of folding and the cutting away of parts of a book's pages, revealing its interior, the remaining fragments are still attached to the binding and brought through or around the piece allowing the book to be viewed inside-out."Anita Francis

MORE by Anita Francis
Please contact the gallery regarding sizes, pricing or shipping.
Email- Call: 910-325-0660  or 919-593-0024
Carolina Shuckers Oyster Knives Hand-forged oyster knives made in North Carolina. 

Carolina Shuckers is the collaboration of sculptor Kirk Davis and Michael Waller. Their passion for art, food and the rich North Carolina coastal heritage fuels the creation of these, hand forged oyster knives. They are treasures meant to be handed down for future generations to enjoy.

Please contact the gallery regarding sizes, pricing or shipping. Email- Call: 910-325-0660  or 919-593-0024
George Mitchell

A native of Jacksonville, NC, George Mitchell was educated in photography at Palomar College in California. He is familiar with all photographic formats including view cameras and is currently working with high end digital cameras and archival prints for clients across the US. George Mitchell also works in local advertising, wall decor, and custom portraits.

Auction and Wayzgoose madness!

Springtime definitely keeps us on our toes here at the GPAG with March Break, our Annual Fundraising Auction and our big Annual Book Arts Fair Wayzgoose!

Here are a few pictures of the "magic" behind the scenes:

A sneak peek into our items for the Auction (and half our Studio in the Lobby!)

Our Annual Fundraising Auction & Gala Event is this Saturday March 31st, 2012 at 7pm. Tickets are $30 each and are still available at this time. Expect the rush of a quick bid, great art, good food, wine from the Niagara region's own Legends Estates Winery, and live entertainment by Adante Celtic Singers. If you would like tickets, please call 905-945-3246 to reserve.

How about a look at our upcoming 2012 Wayzgoose Anthology?

Every Wayzgoose, the Gallery produces an Anthology of signatures from Book Artists from across Canada and parts of the U.S. It is available for purchase during Wayzgoose (as are back- issues) and all year-round for $80 ($5 for shipping, if requested).

We receive th…

A room in time comes to an end

The lovely 'A room in time' by Ngaio Lenz has just a week to go.

Drop by before next Saturday.

Just the two dresses pictured are still available for those wishing to purchase a piece of this beautiful work so don't miss out.

Visions 2012: Of Lions and Lambs

Fundraising Auction & Gala Event Saturday March 31st @ 7pm
The month of March is here and, along with the last of winter’s roar and gentle spring breezes, March brings the Volunteer Committee’s annual fundraising auction, a major source of support for the Art Gallery. On Saturday March 31st, Visions 2012: Of Lions and Lambs will take place in the Gallery, starting at 7 p.m. Tickets to Saturday evening’s event are $30.00 each and are now available at the Gallery.
The fundraising auction is always an exciting evening, filled with fun, food and good fellowship. Live music will once again be provided by Dan Kozar. Legends Estates Winery has generously joined us as our wine sponsor. The Auction will feature works by prominent regional artists including Reinhard Reitzenstein, Grace Cowling, Bruno Capolongo and the late Conrad Furey. Works by regional artists are always an important part of the event and this year art for our featured Juried Show will be sele…

Guerilla Art at the GPAG!

Nothing quite like some Guerilla art first thing on Monday morning!

Yesterday was our Kitchen Table Talk about our current exhibition This Land is Our Land: The Greenbelt Dichotomy. We had a great turn-out, and we are pleased to see that as well as encourage the exchange of ideas, the show inspired someone to create this wonderful piece.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do and remember to read the label!

This Land is Our Land is on diplay until March 25 and features the works of Jefferson Campbell Cooper, Gordon Leverton, Michelle Teitsma and Jan Yates.

Judy Crane
I am fascinated with the play of light in nature, and in man’s created environment, ever changing and refocusing one’s attention. I strive to capture this fleeting reality in my work, and to impart my emotional reactionto it.

I have traveled and painted on location in France, Italy, Spain, and several areas of the US. I do small works on site, recording the essence of the scene--the light, color, and atmosphere. I refer to these paintings, and to the photographs I have taken, when working on larger pieces in the studio. I am pleased when people express a feeling of 'being there' when viewing my work.

In this fast-paced age I hope my paintings will help viewers focus a little more carefully and enjoy a little more. - Judy Crane

Margo Dizney Loy - Oils
Margot began painting and drawing as a veryyoung child. Noting Margot's interest, her motherenrolled her in oil painting lessons when Margot was in elementary school. Margot continued taking art classes through high school and while working on a double major in psychology and sociology in college. Although for many yearsclaysculpturehas been herpredominant medium, Margot alsocontinues towork in watercolor and oils.Margot usually begins a work withthe idea of evoking or communicating an emotive state or a concept. Many of herpaintingsbegin with dreamimagery.Margot presently lives in NorthCarolina and dividesher time between the mountains and the coastal region our state.



Kitchen Table Talk: Greenbelt Dichotomy

Kitchen Table Talk Sunday March 18, 2 p.m.
Studio/Meeting Room of the Grimsby Public Art Gallery.
18 Carnegie Lane, Grimsby

A Special Invitation to individuals affected by and concerned about Ontario’s Greenbelt Legislation

The Grimsby Public Art Gallery is pleased to present This Land is OUR Land: The Greenbelt Dichotomy, an exhibition of paintings and installation by four artists who are concerned, informed and moved by the Greenbelt Legislation in Southern Ontario. In their joint exhibition statement Jefferson Campbell Cooper, Gordon Leverton, Michelle Teitsma and Jan Yates say:
The Greenbelt Legislation protects almost two million acres, making it the largest policy of its kind in the world. At the start of this project we predicted opposition to the legislation by developers, but we were not prepared for the resistance of farmers and growers to the law and to the constraints it has imposed on their land. In effect, the legislation tells them what they can and can not do with the land…

A Dress in Time

Time worn surfaces; layers revealed through the process of time, found fragments reinterpreted, rust, metal, wood, paper and fabric - the soft hue of waxed surfaces.

Ngaio Lenz's new show at Hand Held is a subtle fragment of an imagined past.

The show runs through to March 30.

Opening 3/16/12

Pandemic Gallery Presents:

"20"a solo exhibition byStikman

Opening Reception: Fri. March 16th 2012 • 7-11pm
show runs through April 6th

What more can be said about the mysterious artist known only as "Stikman" that hasn't been uttered hundreds of times by passersby all over the city? His work is sneaky, incredibly thought provoking and uncommonly satisfying to come across, and if you have been living on the east coast or, well, basically anywhere in the states you no doubt have discovered it in some aspect. It could be in the form of 3D men made of small sticks to figures hidden in iconic imagery pasted to doors, or literally under your feet, smashed into the concrete. The range of mediums used and the calculated creativity given to each piece is overshadowed only by the sheer amount of work he has affixed to our cities surfaces. Tireless efforts aside, his stick formed character remains one of the most recognizable images in urban art culture. So, on t…