The Greenbelt Dichotomy on The Source!

If you haven't had a chance to see our current exhibition This Land is Our Land: The Greenbelt Dichotomy we hope that this feature on The Source, Cogeco TV will inspire you to visit the GPAG:

The Greenbelt Dichotomy has been attracting attention and stimulating discussion about how we use and preserve our rural lands since it opened in early February. Many visitors have applauded the artists’ initiative in tackling this complex subject; comments in the guest book include:

You have created a display that truly tells the story of an unfair law severely limiting land use.

My heart is always with the land, and the farmers. There should be more dialogue on many issues.

Perhaps some members of the Ontario Govt should be notified of this excellent – and direct – exhibit.

Great show that inspires great questions and much needed discussion and awareness

The diversity of artistic voices mirrors the complexity of the issues. Each artist has deliberately chosen to focus on an aspect that has particular personal resonance and relevance to their practice. Jan Yates’ landscapes focus on once productive fields now fallow and overrun by weeds. Michelle Teitsma‘s portraits show rural individuals in their homes and fields. Gordon Leverton presents a row of near identical houses; a superficial view of the landscape as if seen from a speeding car. Jefferson Campbell Cooper’s installation depicts an esker, a geological formation of gravel deposits left behind by retreating glaciers, gravel that is easily surface mined for use in many industrial and construction projects.

The works, viewed together, recognize the many pressures that affect management of the lands within the Green Belt. A wide range of human needs and activities compete for space along with sensitive natural ecosystems. There is no clear right and wrong; many of us want to listen to indigenous songbirds while we eat fresh local produce grown close where we reside – and have easy access to transportation that will take us someplace else when we want to go. This exhibition does provide information and viewpoints that encourage all of us to see the area we live in with fresh – and possibly more sympathetic – eyes.

On Sunday March 18 at 2 p.m. all four artists and a variety of other interested individuals will be present at our Kitchen Table Talk, an opportunity to encourage discussion and share ideas in a casual round table format.
This is a joint Gallery Volunteer Committee presentation.


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