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ABSOLUTION 18" X 24" Acrylic On Canvas 2011

Currently on display:

The Twelve Steps to Immortality
Chris O'Hoski

Born in South-Western, Ontario, Canada, Christopher O'Hoski studied art history, painting, drawing, design and arts education at Sheridan College, the Dundas Valley School of Art and the Royal Conservatory.
O'Hoski primarily creates his work using Acrylic and Oil, but still finds favour in using Watercolour. To date, he has exhibited in New York, Washington, Atlanta, Austin, Brooklyn, Portland, Hamilton and Toronto, while recently being published in International Contemporary Artists Volumes I & II (textbooks) out of Europe and New York .
Christopher remains an active and emerging visual artist represented by the Trillium Gallery, New York.
He is also an educator and has taught all ages as a drawing, painting and mixed media instructor.


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