Lois Sharpe
Lois Sharpe was first introduced to the world of pottery in 1977. Two children, three moves, and 20 years later, she left her nursing job to pursue her dream of becoming a professional potter. Since that time, her work has evolved from simple pieces to intricate one-of-a-kind sculpted originals.

When her first gallery asked for items that “look like the beach”, Lois went on a mission! With many hours of study, a lot of hard work, and over two years of testing she perfected her barnacle glaze and now creates an entire line of beach pottery. This new look has become her trademark.

The barnacle glaze process is very labor intensive. Multiple layers of clay and glaze interact to form a chemical reaction that occurs in the intense heat of the reduction gas kiln, fired to over 2300 F. The fire gives life to the glaze, creating the rare, barnacle-like texture. “The highest compliment I can receive is when a customer remarks, ‘It looks like it was pulled from the ocean,’” says Lois.


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