Upcoming NFB Film Nights

Wednesday January 4, 2012 @ 2pm (for KIDS)

Noel, Noel – Animation (22 mins 30 s)
A misguided billionaire falls in love with Beatrice, a bespectacled fairy. Noel, Noel is a Christmas fantasy, reminding us that happiness comes when the heart is allowed to speak.

Lights for Gita – Animation (7 mins 34 s)
Eight-year-old Gita can’t wait to celebrate Divali. The Hindu festival of lights in her new Canadian home. She discovers that Canada is nothing like her earlier home in New Dehli and worries the celebration is impossible. As Gita experiences the glittering beauty of the icy streets, the traditional festival of lights comes alive in a sparkling new way.

Friday January 20th, 2012 at 11am (for KIDS)
Sunday – Animation (9 min 50 s)

Battling his Sunday afternoon boredom, a young boy places a coin on the train tracks and soon witnesses a remarkable transformation.

Oma’s Quilt – Animation (12 min 52 s)

A film about love, life and change. Oma is moving to a senior’s residence where she doesn’t know anyone. Her granddaughter Emily tries to ease the burden of such a momentous change.

Painted Tales: In Winter Still – Animation (10 min 10 s)

When Monet’s selfish gardener bans children from the gardens at Giverny, spring refuses to come. Without his garden and young visitors, Monet loses his desire to paint. Inspired by one of Oscar Wilde’s classic fairy tales.

The Dingles – Animation (7 min 47 s)

Doris Dingle fights a ferocious windstorm to save the lives of her three beloved cats in a charming adventure story.

Thursday February 23rd, 2012 at 7pm
A Cloud’s Dream – Hothouse 7 (1 min 25 s)                

One cloud’s imagination soars in a captivating journey from dusk ’till dawn in this stereoscopic particle simulation.

Mighty Jerome – Documentary (83 min 38 s)  

 Marking African Heritage Month (February 2012)
A film about the rise, fall and redemption of Harry Jerome, one of Canada’s greatest athletes. Gorgeous imagery, impassioned interviews and archival footage tell the story of what has been called “the greatest comeback in track and field history.”

These films will continue to be shown at the Grimsby Public Art Gallery as part of a collaborative programme between the GPAG and the Grimsby Public Libraryhttp://www.nfb.ca/


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