Paris Alexander
Paris Alexander wanted to be a sculptor from an early age, however, his life's path would follow a circuitous route. For several years after college the New York City native pursued a career as a research specialist in the cancer center at Duke University. All the while, his passion for art continued as he kept a carving studio in Durham.

After ten years Alexander had reached a glass ceiling in the research business. It was then that his thoughts refocused on becoming a full time sculptor. Deciding to quite his research job he would use his savings to keep him going for a few years until his sculpture career was established. Contrary to what he thought, his savings were gone within a few months, so it was necessary for Alexander to work at odd jobs to keep going. He even made custom carved stone mantles and other pieces for expensive homes.

Today, as more and more people become familiar his work Paris Alexander is able to produce pieces of his own choosing in addition to doing custom commissioned works. Collectors find him - rather than the other way around. His sculptures now adorn public and private spaces around the state of North Carolina and the U.S.  MORE. . .


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