Diana Moses Botkin
Having come through the influence of the Abstract Expressionists at the University of Oklahoma in the early 1970's, I have developed my own realism using dramatic compositions and traditional methods and materials.
Ten years as a commercial artist in Oklahoma City in the 1970's served to solidify my desire to create archival artwork with a lasting visual impact. When I married in 1980 and began having children, I was at home caring for my family and originating ideas which have become the basis for a continuing body of work for exhibit, commissions and for my own pleasure.
As a painter I have been inspired through the years by the figure, faces, flowers, clouds and a host of subjects in God's beautiful creation. Since my family and I moved to north Idaho over a decade ago, I have been moved by the natural beauty of this area.
 I've completed large paintings as well as miniature pieces. My art career over the last 40 years has encompassed opportunities in commercial art, custom murals, portrait painting, teaching, and writing about art. - Diana Moses Botkin    MORE BOTKIN...


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