Spotlight on the Gallery Shop

Part of Grimsby's small town charm is the Grimsby Beach area with it's colourfully restored cottages turned full-time homes. Grimsby Beach began life as a Methodist summer church camp. In the 1870s, the original tent accommodation began to be replaced by permanent board and batten cottages, trimmed with elaborate gingerbread or fretwork. The neighbourhood fell into disrepair after the Second World War, but was given a second chance to shine when new owners moved in over the past two decades.

Grimsby Beach Cottages - image courtesy of Doors Open Grimsby Tumblr

Now you can send a little piece of Grimsby's history to your friends and family with brand new Grimsby Beach greeting cards!  Thunder Bay artist Sandra McInnes fell in love with the Grimsby Beach cottages while visiting her sister and is working on painting a number of these cottages paired with local flowers.  The Gallery Shop currently has three designs available and hope to get more in the near future.


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