"Heat Beaten" 9/10/11

Well it's been hot... DAMN HOT! The heat has beaten us yet again. But the summer is about to start winding down into fall, and to the eventual cold grip of winter. So in celebration... or acceptance... of this annual de-swelter we are hosting a multimedia group show with 9 great artists hailing from New York and Philadelphia. With work ranging from painting, printmaking, sculpture and installation, as well as murals painted directly on the gallery walls. The show will be a great farewell to the hot summer and a welcome mat for the cool autumn season.

Please join us for:

"Heat Beaten"

A summer's end art show

Saturday, Sept. 10th

opening 7-11pm


Abby Goodman


El Hase

Ellis G

John Skibo


Noah Sparkes

Sofia Maldonado

W. Thomas Porter


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