Permanent Collection Pick of the Week

In last week’s blog I talked about the Canadian artist Fred Hagan and his work Garment for Living. I would just like to share an interesting discovery made recently about another one of his works from the gallery’s permanent collection. After finishing up my blog from last week I had a meeting with a guest who was also interested in finding out more about Hagan, as well as getting the opportunity to see his works up close. While we both examined one of Hagan’s lithographs titled Capricious Encounter we noted that the gargoyles depicted on the bottom left corner seemed peculiar and did not seem to flow with Hagan’s usual style. After a few moments of contemplation the picture resonated with my guest as she exclaimed “Goya! I should look up Goya!” After some research she was able to determine that the image is in fact a direct reference to the Spanish artist Francisco Goya and his artwork titled They Spruce Themselves Up from Los Caprichos (a set of 80 aquatint prints created by the artist in 1796 and 1798). These little details that Hagan includes in his works make them so fascinating, as if he has left a mystery to be solved. It is moments like this that make the job of a Collections Management Assistant so attractive. It is the piecing together of art history, in order to make a clearer account for future generations, that makes curatorial work so significant and meaningful.

Rebecca Madamba
Collections Management


Fred Hagan (1918 – 2003)
Capricious Encounter, 1985-1989
Collection of the Grimsby Public Art Gallery, Gift of the artist


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