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Printmaking and Collage

Did you know?
The GPAG has a strong interest in print-making and other multiples, with a particular interest in the book arts, a cross- disciplinary area which incorporates many different types of artistic production including multiples, fine crafts and an understanding of the pivotal role of books in information dissemination.

It follows naturally then that we love offering classes and workshops that reflect our artistic focus, and Summer Kids Programmes are no exception. Students had a blast during Week 4 of art camps learning how to do monoprinting, relief printing, collagraphs and much more!

Clay Kids 2 starts next week on Tuesday (short week), and we still have spaces available.
Register today: call 905-945-3246

The Change Exchange

The Change Exchange is Hand Held gallery's first International traveling exhibition.

Curated by the lovely Jenny Bolhofner (who currently resides in Guam) The Change Exchange is the work of 28 US artists.

The exhibition came about when Jenny picked her life and moved it to Guam last year - a massive change in her life that lead her to consider change, cause and effect whether it be sudden and explosive or slow and gentle.

Artist were offered a small card on which to produce a work along with an envelope to write text and thoughts. These works were then returned to Jenny and posted online. Each artist selected the work of another and on receiving that work ... Changed it!

The exhibition is the culmination of this process - the final works as created and changed by two separate artists - it makes fascinating viewing and anyone heading through Melbourne in the next few weeks should stop in.

The exhibition continues till August 13th.


Thanks to all who came out Last Saturday for the Live Silkscreening event we had a BLAST!

View More images of the event HERE

Art in the Library


Irma- Joy Tinus


Irma-Joy Tinus was born and raised in Southern Ontario. She is married to her husband Paul and has three grown children and 5 grandchildren. She began painting oils in 1998 and has had the honour of having her art grace many homes and offices, both nationally and internationally. She is a realist painter and offers many different subjects. Irma-Joy is a successful art teacher and holds several art classes each year and various workshops.

Art in the Library is a GPAG Programme and is run by the Volunteer Committee. For more informaton please visit the Artists section on this blog.

Permanent Collection Pick of the Week!

Opening this Friday on July 29th will be a small historical display from the Grimsby Public Art Gallery’s Permanent Collection, helping to create context for our main exhibition, Steven White’s, Combine Project. Each work illustrates rural life in Ontario during the 19th and early 20th centuries, and the agricultural landscape that make up an important part of our Canadian heritage.
An interesting artist being featured is John Sloan Gordon. Gordon began teaching art in 1897 shortly after returning to Hamilton from Paris where he had been studying at the Academie Julian. There are a couple of Gordon’s Graphite drawings from 1895 that will be displayed. Of particular interest is an untiled graphite drawing of a farmer’s well groomed cabbage patch field. There is a feeling of peace and calm when gazing at this image, as well as a distinct sense of distance from a bygone era. Gordon shows us a lifestyle that appears simpler in contrast to our fast- paced era of rapidly transforming techno…

Combine Project Opening Reception this Friday July 29!

Steven White's Combine Project: an exhibition of whimsical works will be opening this Friday, July 29th from 7-9pm. The artist will be in attendance ready to discuss his work and visitors can even set the kinetic scuptures in motion (everyone always wants to touch the artwork, so here is your chance!) Refreshments will be served and admission is free. All are welcome!

Catalogue available at the gallery.

This exhibition is generously sponsored by Dr. Paolasini; Canadian Tire RJJ Holdings; The Grimsby Historical Society

Spotlight on the Gallery Shop

Irresistible little creatures from Stick Man are made of sterling silver with a brushed satin finish. Located in Montreal, this small company produces and finishes their entire line in their own workshop.  This hands-on approach allows them to create unique, handcrafted jewellery of excellent quality.  Necklaces come on either 16" or 18" sterling silver box chains while earrings features sterling silver hooks.

Tour & Activity Day at the GPAG!

Red-Leaf Student Programs

On July 21st, Red-Leaf Student Programs came to the Grimsby Public Art Gallery for their annual tour and activity. It was one of the hottest days of the Summer so far, but 28 kids visiting Canada from Spain kept cool as cucumbers in our Gallery space enjoying our Flights of Fancy Permanent Collection exhibition and drawing up their own fantastical beasts. Afterwards, it was a short stay in the Library's Reading Garden for a bit of painting (and a box of Freezies!) with our three-eyed octopus from our Beasties in the Garden Community Project providing the inspiration.

It was a wonderful day, and we hope they enjoy the rest of their stay in Canada!