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An Ideal half

Join us on Thursday evening for the opening of Camila Galaz's new exhibition 'An Ideal Half' from 6-8pm.

BOXHOCKEY!! on display! come in and play!



Thanks to all who rocked it with us!!

Boxhockey Board by Wrona all custom sets $600

See all Artwork HERE


Sharon Margaret's Exhibition 'Collection' opened last Thursday eve to a massive audience (well for Hand Held). Sharon's work plays on ideas of craft and women's work by utilising tradition craft skills in it's making. The inclusion of hair in each of the works (sourced from the artist herself along with friend family) leads to intruiging work which far from disgusts the viewer - rather it draws in the viewers gaze and curiosity.

BOXHOCKEY!! Opens Sat. June 18th!!

Pandemic Gallery Presents:

The greatest game you probably haven't played yet!
Invented (or at least perfected) by Derek Pippin

Opening Reception:
Sat. June 18th 2011, 7-11pm
Show runs through July 12th

What the #%*@ is BOXHOCKEY you ask? It is a glorious, homemade, indoor/ outdoor game played with two sticks and a hockey puck. The rules are simple, score! Slightly similar in play to Air-hockey or Foosball but completely in a league of it's own.

BOXHOCKEY has proven to be the gnarliest party game we have come to know. We have teamed up with the Inventor, Derek Pippin, a rather sophisticated gentleman who came up with the original BOXHOCKEY, set. Bringing you a show of epic proportions all based around wild game play and having an awesome time.

Besides the sets we will have installed and set up for live gaming, we will be displaying 10 custom painted sets from 10 different NYC street and fine artists. Guaranteed to be a raucous engagement!!
Join us!!

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