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The new exhibition 'Collection' by Sharon Margaret Russell opens this Thursday 6-8pm.

Future Tense by Jeff Casto

Opening Final Friday, May 27th from 6-11 pm is future tense new mixed media, sculpture, and assemblage by local artist Jeff Casto.
The exhibition will run through July 15th, with gallery hours Thursday thru Sunday: 12-4.

Jeff Casto may be a familiar name to many of you, he has been a prolific visionary in the Cincinnati art scene for many years now. His work shows constant progress with a unique sense of itself. While enjoying Casto's work over time, one may feel as though they were sifting through a personal collection of objects, elements, and sentiments- uniquely catalogued and immortalized by the artist.

I found myself wondering as I marveled at Casto's works in his studio, "where did you get all this stuff." A question that apparently I wasn't the first to ask based on the artist's response. He somewhat shyly but clearly hinted that some of the items that end up juxtaposed in his works are indeed found objects, personally collected from here or there, shop…

Monica Canilao: work available

When you step into Canilao's installation "What's Lost Is Safe" it's difficult to tell where the environment of the installation starts and ends, if you haven't viewed the full room please don't wait and look here. The seamless transition between the work she brought to Milwaukee for the exhibit and what was created in the gallery and installed in the short time here is the amazing aspect of seeing this show in person.

If you are interested in bringing Canilao's work into your collection we have a straight forward price list of work available. Above are a few beautiful pieces and the full list is viewable in a photo set here.

We also are pleased to have 2 exclusive editions of prints available. They are 2-color, silk screened, embellished, painted and sewn- each print is unique, hand numbered and signed on the back. If you are interested we can send you photos of which pieces are still available.

$85 each + shipping

$75 each + shipping

Any questions re…

If You Do Not Heal Today You Will Heal Tomorrow

In the midst of installing Monica Canilao's exhibit we installed Edition #4 of our Temporary Mural Project. This edition is a collaboration between Makeal Flammini & Ella Dwyer.

Pictured: Ella & Makeal
Edition #4: May- July 2011

Further install photos and information are available on Faythe's personal blog here.
I need to tell you all about Sheridan Jone's wonderful show that opened last Thursday. Entitled Menagerie Sheridan's collection of bugs, birds and beasties evokes the museum collection - (without the ecological impact as Sheridan point's out...these creatures are 100% paper). The major piece in the exhibition is the 'Snowy Owl' you just need to come in and see in person... on show until May 28th.

Opening May 21st!

Pandemic Gallery Presents:
"A Time and Place"
May 21st - June 12th 2011
Opening Reception: Sat. May 21st. 7-11pm

a group show of artists who make up Mensch Kraft Gallery, an online collective of artists living in NYC.

Sarah Morgan

"Art is often a representation of a time and place, this representation can be literal, or a much more abstract expression. This show embodies the celebration of a time and place. Where, in the artists life and mind, for whatever reason they decide to create, and to share these moments. Simple in theory, the work of these seven artists is anything but. A multimedia production with painting, drawing, sculpture, installation and conceptual works. Uniting the styles of these artists as they show time. In it’s past, present, and future with places real or imagined."

David Pappaceno


Adam Payne

David Pappaceno

Jose Krapp

Sarah Morgan

Dante Geldhof

Owen Rundquist

Jason Alexander Byers

Adam Payne

Jose Krapp

Dante Geldhof

Jason Alexander Byers


What's Lost Is Safe: installation complete

The most important thing to start this post with is a thank you to every one who donated, built and came to celebrate.

In less than a week Monica Canilao transformed the white walls of the gallery into a magical environment with the help of a small crew and piles of donated and scavenged materials. The floors were swept moments before loads people started showing up from near and far [shout out to the Detroit crew who rolled in for the party] to celebrate on Friday May 6th.

"What's Lost Is Safe" will run through July 31st, 2011 during regular gallery hours (see hours on the right side of the blog), we'd love for you to visit. This is the type of show that you may need to see again and again since new pieces and details pop out every time you turn your head.

Visit past posts to see the process and progression over the past week of the installation. Oh, and keep an eye out for the stop animation we shot over the week coming soon.

Prices list available upon request.
Press re…

Closing Party Friday Night!

Final Night and Closing Party for Leon Reid IV " A DECADE OF PUBLIC ART" Friday May 6th 7-11pm!

What's Lost Is Safe: day 3 & 4 of the installation

The day's are blurring together and flying by. There are 27 hours left until the opening of "What's Lost is Safe". It's slightly difficult to explain what you are seeing here. Monica is creating an environment that is an extension of her work she has brought to exhibit. They will be flawlessly incorporated with one another. It's unfolding and taking shape right before our eyes. Our entire building has turned into a magic factory.

On Tuesday's we are always closed- this allowed Monica and her crew to spread out and take over the front of the skate shop. Helper's were in and out through the day. Cortney Heimerl came by to interview Monica for a preview article on the show for the Onion which may help you comprehend the full scale of this project.

Skate shop madness

Upstairs sewing in the kitchen

Building out back in the lot

In the gallery

We have our fingers crossed the sky holds the rain up & that the lack of sleep only provides creativity. Here is a lit…