Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Today, Anything Seems Possible opened last week at Hand Held.

Lizzy Sampson is a
philatelist... although not in the traditional sense.

Lizzy's work is comprised of intricate miniature paper cuts which utilize the beautiful papers colours and textures found on the insides of envelopes and on the back of stamps.

It is these papers Lizzy manipulates as tiny pieces to create intricate collages, neat texts and rough piles.

The show continues until April 5th.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011


El Celso

New works and an installation featuring Peruvian vernacular posters – and a diminutive discotheque

On Display:
Fri. March 11 – Sat. April 2, 2011

Opening Reception
Friday, March 11, 2011, 7-11pm

¡NO HABLA ESPAÑOL! is El Celso’s most personal show to date. This new series of works was inspired by a recent trip to Peru where the artist became obsessed with posters made in the “chicha” style. These hand-made posters line city streets all over Peru and generally feature an eye-popping neon color palette and commercial graphics-inspired lettering. They are generally used to advertise working class concerts and other events. During a recent trip around Peru, in 2010, Celso began collecting discarded and out-of-date fragments of these posters – known as afiches chicha in Spanish – from the streets of towns such as Chachapoyas, Chiclayo, Cajamarca and Lima (to name a few).

Further inspired by their look, he established contact with the esteemed Fortunato Urcuhuaranga at Publicidad Viusa (publicidadviusa.com.pe), the print workshop that originated this iconic DayGlo look back in the 1980s. (Urcuhuaranga is a former radio DJ and he originally created these posters to advertise his station’s musical happenings.) Based on the outskirts of Lima, in the suburb of San Juan, Ate, this renowned family-run studio has produced posters for countless local Peruvian acts, as well as visual artists and arts organizations around the world.

In collaboration with the Urcuhuarangas, Celso created a series of posters inspired by the Peruvian chicha style. However Celso’s posters are a wry play on the idea of the advertisement: event posters created for non-events. Since last year, he has installed dozens of these on the streets of New York and Miami.

His exhibit and installation at the Pandemic Gallery will feature these colorful pieces, as well as fragments of the original Peruvian street posters that inspired them. Also on display will be a series of intricate collages on wood that recreate the feel of the way these posters inhabit the street. Most importantly, the show will feature a diminutive discotheque – a free-standing structure that will feature light, sound and wild graphics. All of it will serve as a tribute to contemporary Peruvian nightlife culture.

About El Celso
Born in Newark, NJ and based in Brooklyn, El Celso has long running interests in comic books, Expressionist painting, public intervention and motorcycling. His work has been featured, on more than one occasion, in ARTnews Magazine. His 2009 conceptual piece “Art Burn” was covered in both The Art Newspaper and the Miami Herald. The New York Timesdescribed his 2008 exhibition, “Post No Bills,” a street art gallery installation in Long Island City as “audacious.” His colorful, figurative works are also featured in numerous publications, books, and web sites. For more information, visit elcelso.com

Friday, 4 March 2011

today, anything seems possible'

As we let go of Eddy Carroll's beautiful exhibition, next week sees the installation of Lizzy Sampson's 'today, anything seems possible', an exhibition of collages and artist books made from stamps, envelopes, postmarks and other written correspondence. This exhibition continues her use of philatelic materials and celebrates the pale greens, blues and browns of distant times while exploring notions of frugality, collecting, hoarding and sorting.

Stacey Rozich

There are now 14 beautiful Stacey Rozich pieces hanging in the gallery through April 17th.

All work is done in water colors & gouache, matted & framed. If you are interested in owning your own Rozich, we can ship (within the United States a flat rate of $20 will be added, for international sales shipping will be determined) and payments must be made via credit card. Please email faythelevine at gmail dot com for details and prices (let her know if there is a certain work you are inquiring about). Paintings will ship the week of April 18th via Fedex.

Stacey Rozich at Sky High Gallery
"Marco Polo"

Stacey Rozich at Sky High Gallery
"Coyote and his Prey"

Stacey Rozich at Sky High Gallery

Stacey Rozich at Sky High Gallery
"Bird Chase"

Stacey Rozich at Sky High Gallery
"Rabbit Heart"

Stacey Rozich at Sky High Gallery
"Master Blaster"

Stacey Rozich at Sky High Gallery
"Garden Serenade"

Stacey Rozich at Sky High Gallery

Stacey Rozich at Sky High Gallery
"Fire Dance With Me"

Stacey Rozich at Sky High Gallery
"Sky Fate"

Stacey Rozich at Sky High Gallery
"Wacking Day"

Stacey Rozich at Sky High Gallery
"Mountain Spirit"

Stacey Rozich at Sky High Gallery
"Goat Man and a Warning of Doom"

Stacey Rozich at Sky High Gallery
"Solemn Minister"
*this image unlike the rest, was taken with my iphone

Full photo set here.