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New Show Opens 2/12/11!

opening reception
Sat. Feb.12, 7-11pm
on display till March 5th
Featuring works by:
David Cook
Chrissy Angliker
Jessica Hess
Erin McCarty

A collection of work by four talented artists, all with a distinct passion for the skillful use of color. “Vivid Summit” is a window into the unique distortions of truth. While this collection connects each artist together in their bold use of hue, the recognizable interpretations of reality through the labor-intensive nature of their works is memorably distinct. Thus, collectively representing a body of work, where each artist’s individual styles are connected through the rendering of exquisite pieces using bold and vivid color. Delivering their distinctive interpretations of reality to Brooklyn and beyond.

David M. Cook
Born in Louisville Kentucky in 1972, relocated to Brooklyn NY in 2003.

“I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. In the last few years, my work
has been based primarily in pattern and color, using ima…

Opening Reception: "Polaroids" by Amanda Marsalis

Gallery Night hosted the well attended kick-off to our first show of the year, "Polaroids" photographs by Amanda Marsalis. The weather was far below freezing so we were pleased to have so many bundled visitors come through last night. We hung the final pieces up just in time to serve hot toddy's & bits of yummy cheese from my mom's dairy.

Although Amanda was unable to make her opening due to a last minute shoot, we couldn't be more pleased to have her work up through February 27th. If you'd like to check out the show, the gallery is open 6 days a week, shut Tuesdays, same hours as the Skate Shop up front. If you come by make sure to check out Amanda's beautiful self-published book "Lost At Sea". We have limited copies on hand for $15 a piece and you probably need one.

Aaron boss man + our lovely intern Amelia

Hot Toddy photo credit: Nick Sweeto

Additional information on the exhibit available here

Temporary Mural Project: Colin Matthes, Winter 2011

This past Thursday in the freezing cold we said goodbye to the Kimberly Weiss mural "Build It Up Bay View" said hello to the third installment of the Temporary Mural Project with a new piece featuring Colin Matthes.

The Temporary Mural Project is curated by Faythe Levine & Aaron Polansky, it takes up 8'x 8' on the East side of Sky High (facing Howell Ave). Each mural is created by a Milwaukee based artist who is invited to create an image that promotes community, growth and creativity in our neighborhood. The murals run in three month periods.

About the featured Temporary Mural Artist:
Colin Matthes lives in Milwaukee, WI, and works across a range of media including
drawing, sculpture, installation, public art, and print based projects. In 2010 Matthes
completed the Werkkamp Residency in Antwerp, Belgium and had solo-exhibitions at
Igloo Gallery, Portland, OR and Ripon College, Ripon, WI. Upcoming projects include a
solo-exhibition at Art Space Leguit, Antwerp, Belgium…

Penang and Back

Kathy Fahey's exhibition of urban images, ink drawings, lino prints, paper cuts and artist books from Penang and back in Melbourne is on now at Hand Held.
Small boxes with responsive ink and acrylic sketches and paper cuts are stacked upon one another - representative of the colour, movement and activity of Penang City.
The Melbourne suburbs are represented by strong black and white lino cuts. Bound into artist books the lino cuts stand as urban cityscapes and the large wall hanging built from long printed strips is indicative of the city to suburb and back again daily routine of suburban living.


Cheers to everyone that packed in for the opening of "trespass"
the show will be on display till Feb. 5th

view the photos of the opening HERE
view the inventory HERE

"Trespass" Opens Saturday!

Opening Sat. Jan. 15th, 7-11pm Pandemic presents:
TRESPASS Curated by Evan Robarts
copyright Grear Patterson 2010
A group show featuring 10 young artists working in different mediums and vernaculars. Along with the traditional meaning of the word, TRESPASS violates social conventions and openly engages in the taboo. TRESPASS places private moments in a public exhibition, where the act of viewing invades personal boundaries. TRESPASS questions established and preconceived notions of art.

TRESPASS is an action, a state of mind, an invitation. ___________________________________________________________
The show will feature a wide array of styles and mediums. Painting, sculpture, photography, video, and more. The artists themselves represent a new age of aesthetic visionaries and emerging inspirations. The visual mix, in perfect tandem, will provide a glimpse into a world of stimulating beauty often hidden from view. __________________________________________________________
Featured A…

Polaroids: photographs by Amanda Marsalis

For Immediate Release: January 11, 2011

Sky High Gallery presents:
photographs by Amanda Marsalis
January 21- February 27, 2011

Join us for the opening reception, Gallery Night 7-10pm
Curated by Faythe Levine

Sky High Gallery is pleased to present work by Los Angeles based photographer Amanda Marsalis. Her incredible booming career as a photographer would make most envious of her travel schedule that regularly takes her to all ends of the world on a regular basis. Just last year she counted 56 flights, more than one a week. This show will feature her personal work all shot on Polaroids 600 film that is no longer being made. Marsalis comments often about her stash of dead stock quickly getting very small. The Polaroid’s are then drum scanned and made into archival pigment prints. The photographs in her exhibit will range in size from 11" x 11" to 30" x 30". Polaroids exhibit will be an intimate look inside successful woman’s world.

When I asked Amanda to send me i…

Penang and Back

Kathy Fahey's exhibition 'Penang and Back' opens this Thursday eve 6-8pm. An exhibition of swift impressions on paper and ceramics capturing the urgency of city movement and the fragility and malleability of the Penang's architectural constructions and space.

Exhibition continues until Feb 5th.

Closing Party Friday Jan. 7th

These are the last few days to view
H. Veng Smith "Identifiable Reality"
If you have not yet seen this incredible show make sure
and stop by the gallery!

On Friday, Jan. 7th we will be hosting a Closing party, and will be screening the film "Wholetrain" by German filmmaker Florian Gaag
7-11pm, Screening starts @ 8pm. BYOB