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John Althouse
Photojournalist and freelance photographer for nearly twenty years, John Althouse began his professional career at The Daily News in Jacksonville, NC, where he is the chief photographer. His work appears in numerous local, regional, national and international newspapers and magazines. Born and raised in southeastern Pennsylvania, John grew up experiencing both the urban and rural world where he developed an appreciation for composition in nature and a discerning eye to anticipate and capture life's fleeting moments. A retired Marine and outdoor enthusiast, John resides in Jacksonville, NC.
Grounded in impressionistic tradition, with a contemporary style all her own, Robin Cheer's paintings document scenes familiar to all of us. Her settings include relaxed interiors, bustling cafes or sunny beaches, but the primary focus is on the human element.

Robin is an avid sketcher and skilled at depicting the figure. She brings gestural drawing elements into her paintings. Her style is immediate, expressive and painterly with a strong emphasis on composition.

Always artistic, Robin's formal training was with mentor Elizabeth Locke in her hometown of Austin,Texas. With Elizabeth, Robin studied traditional masters techniques of drawing and painting. Robin is an artist member of the American Impressionist Society and Plein Air Austin, of which she is a founding member.


End of the Season SALE

Another sucessful year has past. We are wrapping things up over here at the Pop Up Shop and you may want to take advantage of this sale if your in the neighborhood we have a lot of beautiful things left that need homes.


A resident of Beaufort, Mary grew up in Monroe, NC and graduated from Meredith College in Raleigh, NC with a bachelor’s degree in art.

Known for her paintings and histories of Beaufort, over the past few years, Warshaw has compiled an extensive online Swansboro,NC History. The site includes many articles, information from the town's nomination to the National Register and cemetaries, as well as histories and images of its historic homes.  
More recently, Warshaw has painted some of Swansboro's historic homes.PRINTSandnote cards(with brief histories) of these homes are available at Tidewater Gallery.

SWANSBORO PRINTS ORIGINALPaintings Area Giclee PRINTS Porchscapes - The Colors of Beaufort SwansboroHistory

Happy Holidays from the GPAG

Season's Greetings from the Grimsby Public Art Gallery!
We hope you have happy and safe Holidays and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year.

The GPAG will be closed December 24th-27th & January 1st and 2nd. We look forward to seeing you in the New Year!

Festive season

'Abject Object' is in it's last days at Hand Held with it's last day being tomorrow (although you will still be able to peer through the window at it over the Christmas holidays).

Don't forget to pop in and pick up something unusual for Christmas - for yourself or as a gift.

We will re-open regular times from the 17th of January with Sarah Eve Deaman's 'Truth to the Tales'.

Thanks for all of your support this year and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Sharing the Legacy

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012, 2 – 4 p.m.

Many visitors to our current show, A Surgeon’s Hand, an Artist’s Heart have been moved to tell us stories of their own turned wood treasures made by featured artist, Sandy Graham. We know that there are many more works – and stories to go with them – in our community and we would like to invite community members to bring their treasured Sandy Graham pieces into the gallery for a special afternoon of sharing those stories. If you are interested in bringing in a work please contact the art gallery at 905-945-3246 or email ; even if you don’t own a work please come to enjoy the works shared by others and to learn a little more about this marvellously generous and talented individual. Admission is free, refreshments will be served.
Thanks to everyone who come out to "Paranormal Hallucinations" The opening was crazy fun and the crowd was awesome!!

you can check out our inventory HERE

Othelo Gervacio "Bad news 2"

Egyptian Jason "Horror Business"

Charlie Marks (RIP)

Swampy "Hourglass"

Upcoming NFB Film Nights

Wednesday January 4, 2012 @ 2pm (for KIDS)

Noel, Noel – Animation (22 mins 30 s)
A misguided billionaire falls in love with Beatrice, a bespectacled fairy. Noel, Noel is a Christmas fantasy, reminding us that happiness comes when the heart is allowed to speak.

Lights for Gita – Animation (7 mins 34 s)
Eight-year-old Gita can’t wait to celebrate Divali. The Hindu festival of lights in her new Canadian home. She discovers that Canada is nothing like her earlier home in New Dehli and worries the celebration is impossible. As Gita experiences the glittering beauty of the icy streets, the traditional festival of lights comes alive in a sparkling new way.

Friday January 20th, 2012 at 11am (for KIDS)
Sunday – Animation (9 min 50 s)
Battling his Sunday afternoon boredom, a young boy places a coin on the train tracks and soon witnesses a remarkable transformation.

Oma’s Quilt – Animation (12 min 52 s)
A film about love, life and change. Oma is moving to a senior’s residence where she doesn’t know anyo…
Stephen Greer
I express myselfdrawing and painting. Depicting the NorthCarolina coast and doingcandid sketches of people in public places provide the visual references used in creatingabstract and realistic work. Patterns,colors, rhythms and their astounding abundance intheworld fascinate me.Carrying a sketch book makes it possible to takeadvantage ofthese fleeting elements. Life and art engage me fully in the evolution of growing andlearning. - StephenGreer
Eileen Williams - Fiber Art
Aresident of the Crystal Coast of North Carolina, Eileen started as a traditional quilter but quickly beganexploringthe world of fiber art, thus creating her trulyuniquepieces. Inspired by the beauty in nature, her fiber art often reflects images captured in her photographs and from her imagination. Eileen haswon numerousawards.

Be sure to check outEileen'sphotographyat Tidewater Gallery. Her photographs capture the magical beauty of the natural environment so prevalent in Swansboro and Emerald Isle. They evoke the mood and spirit of coastal Carolina.

Cogeco TV Interview

In case you missed it, here is Cogeco TV's interview with our director Rhona Wenger for A Surgeon's Hand, An Artist's Heart:

The exhibition is on display until january 29th, 2012. Book your tour today!
Margot Dizney Loy- Watercolors
Margot was born at Camp Lejeune, N.C. Herearly years were spent living near various military duty stations with her family and Marine father.She began painting and drawing as a very young child and continued taking art classes through high school and while working on a double major in psychology and sociology in college
Although formany years clay sculpture has been her predominant medium Margot also continues to work in watercolor and  OILS. Margot usually begins a work with the idea of evoking or communicating an emotive state or a concept. Many of her paintings begin with dream imagery. Margot presently lives in North Carolina and divides her time between the mountains and the coastal region our state.
Paris Alexander
Paris Alexander wanted to be a sculptor from an early age, however, his life's path would follow a circuitous route. For several years after college the New York City native pursued a career as a research specialist in the cancer center at Duke University. All the while, his passion for art continued as he kept a carving studio in Durham.

After ten years Alexander had reached a glass ceiling in the research business. It was then that his thoughts refocused on becoming a full time sculptor. Deciding to quite his research job he would use his savings to keep him going for a few years until his sculpture career was established. Contrary to what he thought, his savings were gone within a few months, so it was necessary for Alexander to work at odd jobs to keep going. He even made custom carved stone mantles and other pieces for expensive homes.
Today, as more and more people become familiar his work Paris Alexander is able to produce pieces of his own choosing in …

No Tax Tuesdays!

For the month of December, all customers save the 13% HST on their Gallery Shop purchases on Tuesdays December 6, 13 & 20!

Please note that Gallery members will not receive their usual 10% discount in addition to the 13% on these 3 sale days.  Items may not be put on hold for the sale.  Thank you

A Surgeon's Hand, An Artist's Heart

Thank you to all who came out on Sunday December 11th to celebrate the life and work of Sandy Graham. The reception was exceptionally well-attended which is a testament to this late artist's talent and his positive rapport with our community.

Please follow this link for a feature in the Grimsby Lincoln News:'s%20on/article/1258660--vet-s-passion-on-exhibit

Here are some images of the exhibition opening:

For those interested in knowing more about Sandy Graham, his son was kind enough to provide us with a touching and informative write-up on his father. Please read after the page break:

A letter to Rhona Wenger and Mary Rashleigh from John Graham, December 2011 to accompany the exhibition:
A Surgeon’s Hands, An Artist’s Heart: Works in Wood by Sandy Graham
December 9, 2011 – January 29, 2012 at the Grimsby Public Art Gallery

Hi, Rhona and Mary:
Since you ‘only know what you know’ about Dad, I’m happy to share a few things. Although the question in yo…

Installation Week at the GPAG!

A Surgeon's Hand, An Artist's Heart is a retrospective exhibition of work by Grimsby artist Sandy Graham. This week is installation week at the GPAG and we are amazed at how much skill and dedication are evident in his pieces as we unpack, sort through and marvel!  This show is not to be missed, nor is the opening reception for that matter! Please join us this weekend on Sunday, December 11th from 2-4pm to celebrate the life and work of a spectacular local talent.

Here are some images of the installation process to give you a taste of what's to come:

Abject Object

Suse Scholem's amazing jewellery is on display as part of her solo exhibition 'Abject Object' at Hand Held throughout December. The exhibition opened to a grand reception last Thursday eve and continues through to Christmas eve.