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CLOSING SALE: bye 2010 & pop-up shop

Time to wrap things up here at our temporary boutique, it's been a great 3 months. Thanks to all of you near and far who took the time to come in and support the project. This is also the last chance to see the amazing Sofia Arnold mural since it too disappears with the shop.

Happy New Year and you should really take advantage of this closing sale to pick up some amazing deals on the remaining stock in the gallery.

Happy Holidays

From us at Sky High to you out in the world have a calm and safe holiday weekend.

We will be back in the shop Sunday 12-5 starting to count down the final days of the pop-up.

Aaron & Faythe at Blackbird Metal Monday with Satan-claus
(we won 1st & 2nd in the Christmas card contest)

Thanks for the photo Cris!

Holiday opening times

Hi all -

Hand Held will be open right up until Christmas Eve - we've got lots of great little goodies that would make great Kris Kringles and one-off unique Christmas gifts.

We will reopen on the 4th of Jan - 8th Jan for the completion of Mel Cameron and Chloe Vallance's beautiful show and then re-open again on the 13th for the opening of Kathy Fahey's show 'Penang and Back'. New Gallery hours (Tue-Sat, 12-5pm) will kick in after that. Please note we will not open on Mondays this coming year - I wish we could but work commitments are getting in the way.

Have a lovely Chistmas!

Thanks to all who attended!!

H. Veng Smith "Identifiable Reality" on Display till Jan. 8th
View Inventory Here.
More Photo's from the show Here.

'Measuring the Space Between' by Chloe Vallance and Melissa Cameron opened last week at Hand Held. A exhibition by Chloe - an illustrator - and Melissa - a jeweller - both emerging artists in the Melbourne scene - is an exciting collaboration where the artists have responded to and expanded on each others work and practice.

Both Chloe and Melissa play with the notion of 'space' within their work in different ways and this exhibition creates a meeting point - between two artists - between the object and the void - between memory and imagination.

H. Veng Smith "Identifiable Reality" Opens 12/17/10

Identifiable Reality
H. Veng Smith
Oil paintings on wood panels
Friday, Dec. 17- Opening Reception 7-11pm
Runs through Saturday, Jan. 8

In his first solo show, Veng takes us back to simpler times, to an era when things were made to last. Inspired by the artistry and work ethic of his grandfather, who hailed from a family of Swedish carpenters, Veng’s detail-rich paintings focus on the craftsmanship of the handmade. Embracing the handmade aesthetic to the fullest for this exhibition, Veng had custom mahogany panels built and crafted his own paints from simple pigments and linseed oil. Blurring the lines between the substantive and the imaginary, his paintings depict a world populated by a cast of stoic characters and whimsical winged creatures that interact with wooden contraptions more phantasmagorical than real. Drawing equally on the Old Masters and modern-day illustrators, Veng’s work possesses a timelessness not often captured by his contemporaries.

Born on S…

"Sew Draw" Final Days

If you have not had a chance to view "Sew Draw" make sure to come through Pandemic ASAP! Open for only three more days, the show has been such a great success and we've had nothing but incredible feedback. Congrats to Richie and Allison for this stunning event!!

also please join us Fri. Dec. 17th for the opening of: H. Veng Smith "Identifiable Reality"

Paul Hee passed away September 26, 2011.A master of the luminescent style, Hee lived and painted in his Marsh Street studio in Beaufort, NC, where he retired after a life at sea. He served in the US Navy, and as a Miami-based cruise ship executive.

His life-long love of the sea led him to study art with Leo Stitsky of Fort Lauderdale School of Art. His oil paintings often sold before the paint dried on the canvas.

"His deft brush work, use of color, shape and light, conveyed the ever changing drama and mood of the sea," said Raymond Voelpel of Tidewater Gallery in Swansboro. "Paul Hee established himself as one of America's finest maritime artists."

"Light-dazzingly exuberant, tranquilly evocative, or menacingly looming, Paul Hee's paintings are suffused with the world view of masters, but his work remains clearly and identifiably his own," said Paul Fontenoy, NC Maritime Museum curator and historian.

62 page - 7x9 retrospective c…

Art vs. Craft // Pop-Up Boutique

Thanks everyone who visited the Sky High Gallery table at Art vs. Craft this past Saturday. We are now in our last month of the temporary pop-up boutique here in the gallery. There is a ton of amazing work left that needs to find homes before the end of the month. Perfect timing for the Holidays. Shop hours at listed on the right ---->

REPOSTED from: 9/12/10

Sky High Temporary Mural Project
Fall 2010, Edition 2

Kimberly Weiss
September- December 2010
Corner of Howell St & Clarence st
Milwaukee, WI

Out with the old amazingness of Alyssa Schulte & In with the new awesomeness of Kimberly Weiss. Last week over at the shop the boys took down Alyssa's mural & installed our new Fall 2010 Temporary Mural created by Milwaukee artist Kimberly Weiss.

The new mural is composed of linoleum block prints on rice paper that have been individually cut-out and pasted on the wood surface.

In case you were curious, there are a total of 72 hands.

About our new Temporary Mural artist:
Kim Weiss came to Milwaukee from Kansas City in 2000 to earn a BFA in printmaking from Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, graduating in 2004. She currently co-manages the community printshop at RedLine Milwaukee- instructing printmaking classes and workshops and coordinating the open studio program. Kim has shown work locally and nationally and works…

REPOSTED from: 9/4/10

This is a photo from October 2009 of a store I visited called Avalanche Looms, located near the middle of nowhere in Wisconsin. But not nowhere enough, Avalanche, WI happens to be just around the corner from the Long Arm Farm where my best friend Micaela O'Herlihy lives (fun fact: Micaela was the director of photography for Handmade Nation). While visiting, Micaela insisted we go there, knowing I would love it. She was right.

In the above photo on the back wall you can see two paintings. Those two paintings are by artist Sofia Arnold. Turns out, Sofia's mother Susan Johnson owns Avalanche Looms and within the month Sofia was about to have her first solo show in Milwaukee at the reputable Tory Folliard Gallery. I went to her show, bought a painting & emailed Sofia to tell her we visited her mom's shop, and explained the story.

This photo is the perfect example of why I choose to document everything I do, because who would guess that exactly 12 months later I wou…

REPOSTED from: 8/3/10

Somehow 12 hot summer days have passed since gallery night & the day after and I haven't managed to blog. It was a busier weekend than normal and we had our first official gallery opening at Sky High followed by a film screening the next day, both featuring out of town artists. There were floods here in Milwaukee that almost didn't allow our featured gallery artist (and his artwork) to get here. But it all sorted itself out and the party went on.

Friday July 23rd we welcomed artist & illustrator Joe Roberts (Joe's illustration work is on a lot of Skate Mental products) to town after his unexpected overnight delay in Chicago due to above said rain storm. He arrived, installed his work just in time for gallery night that evening then flew back to San Francisco the next day.

Gallery reception food matched the artwork:
flaming hot Cheetos, pizza & gummies of all varieties.

B.U.M. work by Joe Roberts show photos here & Milwaukee Journal Sentinel review he…