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Illustrator Chloe Vallance and Jeweller Melissa Cameron team up for an exciting exhibition at Hand Held next month. Opening Thursday 9th December, 'Measuring the Space Between is a collaborative exhibition where the artists have responded to each others work, swapping pieces halfway through - altering and building upon what the other has begun.

on display until Dec. 10th

Thanks to everyone who came out for "Sew Draw"

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Sandra Winkworth's beautiful exhibition 'Sleeping Beauties' opened last Thursday night.

Sandra has deconstructed abandoned, decaying books and re-worked them to hold colourful studies drawn from the thousands of birds stored in the Macleay collection at the University of Sydney.

The works draw you in with their delicate beauty yet lead you consider decay, destruction, extinction...

Thanks to all of you who came along to support an interstate artist exhibiting here in Melbourne for the first time!

The Exhibition continues until December 4th.

"Sew Draw" Opens 11/12/10

Join us! Friday, Nov. 12

"Sew Draw"
Richie Lasansky and Allison Read Smith

Richie Lasansky

Born in La Paz, Bolivia, while his parents were in the peace corps, Lasansky’s interest in drawing and art stems from an age when he could first hold a pencil. His parents being music and dance performers, he traveled around with them, constantly drawing everything he saw. For a while he thought his interest in animals would lead him to a career in science. After graduation from Hebron Academy, he studied biology at Brandeis University in Waltham, Mass., but upon graduation, moved to Iowa to study printmaking formally with his grandfather – Mauricio Lasansky. He spent eight years in this apprenticeship.

As a printmaker, Lasansky feels many artists are not involved in an important creative aspect of the process by allowing their work to be printed by others. He prefers the complete approach. Intaglio printmaking is “such a sensual, tactile medium that if you don’t get your hands dirty and ex…

"Notes from the Inside" closes 11/6/10

This is your final week to view
Dan Taylor: Notes from the Inside

We will be hosting a closing party on Sat. Nov. 6th 7-11pm. BYOB.
gallery is open tues-sat 11-6

Sleeping Beauties

Sandra Winkworth's exhibition 'Sleeping Beauties' opens Thursday night at Hand Held from 6-8pm.

Sleeping Beauties focuses on the bird and the unwanted book to explore issues of loss and denial. Discarded books are reworked to hold images of bird studyskins sourced from a 19th century collection at the University of Sydney’s Macleay Museum.

'Here the bird is out of context, outside of nature and perhaps is a reminder of our tenuous connections with the natural world.'

If you are in Melbourne on Thursday eve drop by and support one of our interstate artists over a glass of vino!