Sarah Ritchie: Select

Sarah Ritchie's beautiful exhibition opened Thursday eve here at Hand Held. A clear and concise body of work Sarah's books reflect on collection, museum, display and exhibition. Each piece represents a miniature museum cabinet filled with museum-esque objects . I love that from afar this exhibition reads as clean, crisp, starkly black and cream, and beautiful but when you get up close and look inside you begin to question, filled with a sense of uneasiness you wonder what it is you are looking at...

'Select' considers the act of collection and display. Small objects and book works are presented as pseudo-museum cabinets in miniature. Personal and intimate in stature and material they may be folded closed at will, safely hidden and secreted away, limited in view. The miniature cabinets are constructed from digitally and traditionally printed papers and allude to replicas and models, perhaps samples for theatre designs and sets. Small worlds of ambiguous objects are contained within each fragile paper cabinet –anatomical viscera or unnamed biological specimens? With reference to historical medical imaging, cabinets of curiosity as well as classical architecture, Select reflects on the potent relationship between the frame and the object contained within. - Sarah Ritchie


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