Starting next Monday (August 16) Hand Held is hosting two weeks of 'Blackboard', an evolving exhibition of chalkboard drawings by a selection of artists.

Hand held has invited illustrators, comic artists, designers and printmakers to work in their own way on our blackboards for a day.

The work may be spontaneous or rigorously planned, artists may make work that last for a few minutes or make work that takes them several hours ; either way the work will be will be rubbed off the next day!

You are invites to attend anytime during the two weeks to watch, have a coffee and potentially join in. Here's who's coming in to play!

Artist Bio's and Calendar of events

or click on a name below to go to artist websites/blogs

Mon 16 Thom Holland

Tue 17 'As you were saying’ group

Wed 18 Marie Connole

Thu 19 Adrian Lawson

Fri 20 Paul Compton

Sat 21 Ayano Takeuchi and Zoe Meager

Mon 23 Margaret Manchee & Yasemin Sabuncu

Tue 24 Michael P Fikaris + friends

Wed 25 Caroline Meathrel

Thu 26

Fri 27 Quenton Miller

Sat 28 Caroline McCurdy


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