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Himilayan Annapurna

Join us at Hand Held Thursday eve, July 1st 6-8pm, for the opening of Collette Dane's 'Himalayan Annapurna: A handmade book installation accompanied by works on paper.
This exhibition will contain a collection of miniature books and mixed media works on paper exploring the Himalayan landscape of the Annapurna region made in response to Collette's undertaking of a 16 day trek in the Annapurna region of Nepal, amid lush valleys, icy rivers and towering mountains.

In this exhibition, I want to convey the sense of awe that these huge mountains possess and instill in oneself, while highlighting the beauty of the natural landscape we so much forget living in cities. My books focus on matching images and text, revealing an inner narrative, relating to private thoughts and contemplation.

The exhibition runs from July 1-24

In participation with WGA and Northside Music/ Art festival PANDEMIC presents...


SHOCK THERAPY! 6/19/10 - 7/23/10

enamel Kingdom

Kenji Nakayama

Thomas Buildmore

Morgan Thomas

Click here for more photos of the opening!

As 'Oh Bird' flies away we set out to hike the Himalayan Annapurna

Drop by Hand Held this week if you haven't already for the last week of Glen Skien's beautiful exhibition 'Oh Bird' which finishes up on Saturday the 26th.

Next up 'Himalayan Annapurna' a handmade book installation accompanied by works on paper by Collete Dane from July 1 - 24.

Exhibition Proposals

I am currently accepting proposals for Hand Held's Jan-June 2011 exhibition program.

I have already received a number of exhibition proposals and would encourage anyone keen to exhibit in the first half of next year to contact me as soon as possible.

Gallery details can be found here such as gallery size, cost and other exhibition info.

Proposals should be sent by post, email ( or delivered in person. Proposals should include a description of the intended work along with images that are indicative of the intended work/the artist's previous work and a short c.v.

Please don't hesitate to contact me is you have any queries about the gallery or exhibiting here at Hand Held.

Shock Therapy! opens 6/19/10

Please join us for our newest exhibition...
Show runs through July 23rd

Shock therapy is an attempt to regain control. while everything may seem to be spiraling towards disaster, there are methods to shock it all back in place. Over the years the term has been used to describe methods of medical, financial, and economic rebound, as well as psychological molding. As we see it, Shock Therapy through art is a way to Instill upon others an instant sense of our passion and our desire to create. But also a way to overcome any subconscious hang-ups, to let go and be released from mental confines. A way to control the chaos, while still pushing the envelope. Shocking ourselves and the viewers straight and askew in tandem with a visual onslaught, so that they may see as we do the perplex, all encompassing world we live in.

Enamel Kingdom is Artist/Designer Ryan Lombardi
Born in Indianapolis Indiana in 1980, Ryan's …

Oh Bird!

Glen Skien's beautiful exhibition 'oh bird' is now on show here at Hand Held.

Glen's 31 tobacco tins each hold a tiny world inside. In each, a bird constructed from old photographs, etchings and maps threaded together with cotton, sewing needles, found objects and familiar forms & motifs, all embedded in the museum permanency of resin.

From within the tins are unspoken narratives, memories housed in a nostalgic past - opened-closed - carried in a pocket - forgotten - and for the moment quietly remembered.

'Oh Bird' continues until June 26th.