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Glen Skien @ Hand Held

We have been waiting almost a year for Glen Skien's exhibition here at Hand Held. Opening next Thursday eve (June 3rd) from 6-8pm, Glen will exhibit his beautiful tobacco tins amongst other things.

" I'm not certain what came first the bird or the tobacco tin but somehow they seem to meet in the studio one morning along with fragments of etchings, piano keys, shoe tacs, old photographs, and other things on the studio shelves... perhaps what they now contain is that space between the reflective moment and endless possibilities..."

John Blanco @ 1305


"Stand Clear of the Closing Doors" 5/14/10

Stand Clear of the Closing Doors
Curated by FIT Art Market Graduate Students, class of 2010
May 14 - May 30, 2010
Hours : Tuesday - Sunday, 11 am - 6pm
Opening : Friday, May 14, 6 - 9 pm
In an urban environment, people find themselves surrounded, yet estranged. Given the volume of interpersonal contact city dwellers experience, whether virtual or physical, most goes unaddressed or is instantly forgotten. Privacy, space, interaction, and intimacy are redefined, often defying one's social expectations. Unintentional or unwanted interaction can occur when private acts take place in public, and in spite of our stifling proximity to each other, genuine connections may be difficult to achieve. The artists in Stand Clear of the Closing Doors are interested in the ways that urbanites interact, and their work invites each of us to engage with art, the city, and each other in new and challenging ways.Artists
David Bernstein, Kurt Bigenho, Amber Bushnell, Luke Dubois, Rachel …

Ghosts in Paper Houses

Paul Compton's much anticipated exhibition opened last Thursday eve (May 6) and it must be said that this work is pretty amazing. Paul's usual detailed and intricate drawings are bound up in the most incredible POP-UP BOOKS!!!!
Focusing on Australia's most haunted and macabre houses, this is exciting new work from a talented illustrator.

This is Ominous Things a pop-up house with a dark story. This book comes with a tiny book and set of cards inside that tell a tale of mystery, intrigue and a lack of onion dip.

As usual Paul extends his remarkable detail inside - look through the windows and the house's interior is revealed.

Paul has also included a few drawings of both beautiful and haunted buildings into the exhibition. Labassa (pictured), the Brisbane's Old Government House and the Blackall Monument (QLD)

Moorhouse Street and Monte Christo, looking sweet and innocent nestled within two whimsical tunnel books, are 2 of Australia's most notorious houses with a…

Houses of Blood and Rapture Thursday eve