One Cup: An Exhibition of 48 teaspoons

'One Cup' opened at Hand Held last Thursday eve. A nice opening with most of the artists in attendance.

The show has come together really well with some lovely responses to the collection.

Here they are:

Soxy Flemming, 'Tea'

Jenny Bolhofner, 'Where Have all the Spoons Gone?'

Megan Herring, 'Dressed for the Occasion'

Chloe Vallance and Melissa Cameron, 'Measuring the Space between'

Jill Hermans, 'Teaspoons of Subtractive Structure'

Anna Varendorff, 'Teaspoons with Hand-les'

Penny Peckham, 'Amongst Other Things'

Sandra Winkworth, 'Gilbert's Potoroo'

Sandra Winkworth, 'Sweetkeys'

Courtney Cameron, 'Galaxy'

Deborah Klein, 'Braid'

Deborah Klein, 'Eye'

Kate Wheeler, 'Yogurt Spoon'

Victoria Mason, 'Granny Square Spoon'

Melissa Cameron,'Spoon and Brooch'

Victoria McIntosh, 'Spoon Pendants'

Rachel Bell, ' Spoon-like objects'

Lynsay Raine, 'Frog Man's Caviar Spoons'


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