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J. Coleman "Wandering Stars"

Thanks to everyone who attended! The opening was awesome! the show is up until Sat. May 8th. The gallery is open mon-friday (closed Wed.) and on weekends.

More photos from the opening can be viewed here:

Glamour Shots!! photos are up!!


J. Coleman "Wandering Stars" 4/17/10


On Saturday, April 17th, Pandemic is proud to announce it's first solo exhibition, "Wandering Stars", featuring the work of DC based artist J. Coleman. Showing work both hung and painted directly onto the gallery walls, he creates a dialogue between both the figurative and spiritual realms. With a body of work already bursting forth with thought provoking images, he continues to embody the painterly as he transforms the walls of Pandemic into a virtual playground of deeply psychological intensity. We hope you can join us for this amazing event. Opening reception 7-11pm.

One Cup: An Exhibition of 48 teaspoons

'One Cup' opened at Hand Held last Thursday eve. A nice opening with most of the artists in attendance.

The show has come together really well with some lovely responses to the collection.

Here they are:

Soxy Flemming, 'Tea'

Jenny Bolhofner, 'Where Have all the Spoons Gone?'

Megan Herring, 'Dressed for the Occasion'

Chloe Vallance and Melissa Cameron, 'Measuring the Space between'

Jill Hermans, 'Teaspoons of Subtractive Structure'

Anna Varendorff, 'Teaspoons with Hand-les'

Penny Peckham, 'Amongst Other Things'

Sandra Winkworth, 'Gilbert's Potoroo'

Sandra Winkworth, 'Sweetkeys'