Hidden Facets

Kate Wheeler and Abby Seymour's 'Hidden Facets' opened last Thursday (11th March).

The exhibition draws upon and plays with it's title: Hidden - subtle, concealed and unknown; Facets - referring to the flat faces on geometric shapes that reflect the underlying symmetry of the structure. Facets reflect vand refract light revealing multiple view points.

Print Maker Abby Seymour and Jeweller Katherine Wheeler have joined forces to create an eclectic body of work which explores the Hidden Facets within. Through a process of completing and sharing each others work the artists have been able to find new forms, use new methods and extract new meaning. Materials are questioned and explored with drawings, prints, porcelain and thread each exhibited in traditional forms as well as morphing into wearable work giving the work a tangled sense of the familiar. The exhibited work is organic, multi-faceted, curious and reflective.

'The body of work has a subtle undertone of the mysterious & unknown, reflecting & revealing the idea of multiple, ever-changing & mutating forms & ideas that co-exist in today's society'-Seymour.


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