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"Stokenphobia" on display until April 10th!!

Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak Peek at one of the 48 teaspoons in our new exhibition 'One Cup', opening next Thursday eve 6-8pm.

Friendly Fire and Chad Cully

Opening Final Friday, March 26th, is Friendly Fire. This exhibition features new sculptural glass work by local artist and educator Chad Cully.
Friendly Fire continues through May 22nd, with regular gallery hours Tuesday- Saturday: 11-3 for the run of the show. 1305 Gallery will host a catered reception with the artist and his work for the opening, March 26th, from 6-11 pm, and then again on April 30th from 6-11 pm.

Friendly Fire:
Not unlike much of society, Chad Cully has been observing the recent cultural obsession with our impending doom as a civilization. Between fears of global warming, more natural disasters, 2012's hearkening, and the ever lurking alien attack, people have been corralled into a frenzy awaiting 'the end of the world.'

Nestled somewhere between apocalyptic satire and a childlike interpretation of our ultimate demise sits Cully's new body of work. In Friendly Fire the artist furnace works, sculpts, blows, and fuses soda lime glass into aliens, bunnies,…


Thanks to all who came out!
The show was a great success, and we had a wonderful turnout with a great crowd!

More images from the show and pics of individual artwork can be viewed here:

Hidden Facets

Kate Wheeler and Abby Seymour's 'Hidden Facets' opened last Thursday (11th March).

The exhibition draws upon and plays with it's title: Hidden - subtle, concealed and unknown; Facets - referring to the flat faces on geometric shapes that reflect the underlying symmetry of the structure. Facets reflect vand refract light revealing multiple view points.

Print Maker Abby Seymour and Jeweller Katherine Wheeler have joined forces to create an eclectic body of work which explores the Hidden Facets within. Through a process of completing and sharing each others work the artists have been able to find new forms, use new methods and extract new meaning. Materials are questioned and explored with drawings, prints, porcelain and thread each exhibited in traditional forms as well as morphing into wearable work giving the work a tangled sense of the familiar. The exhibited work is organic, multi-faceted, curious and reflective.

'The body of work has a subtle undertone of the myst…
Opens Friday 3/12/10

Drawings By: GOREB

Handpainted signs by:
Abe. Lincoln Jr., Armer, Avoid, Becki Fuller, Buildmore, Cahbasm, Celso, Chris RWK, Chris Campisi, Darkcloud, Deuce7, Dickchicken, Dirty Deeks, Droid, Enamel Kingdom, Egg Yolk, Faro, Infinity, Keely, LA2, Luna Park, Matt Bixby, Matt Siren, Mikey40, Moody, Morgan Thomas, Nate Hall, NohjColey, Paper Monster, Plasma slugs, Royce Bannon, Sadue, Shai Dahan, Stikman, Skewville, Ski, Swampy, Tony Bones, Veng RWK, Wolf Tits, Wrona, UFO, 2esae, and more TBA
I've made up this slightly surreal panoramic image of the gallery with Selena de Carvalho's 'More Rogue Ideas' on show.

SAT.!!! March 6th Closing party!!!

Saturday March 6th, We are having a closing party for "Unweaving the Rainbow" featuring works by Adam Payne and David Pappaceno.
If you weren't able to view the show during it's time on display now's your chance. The work has been hailed as "remarkably beautiful", and possibly our finest show to date, so If you haven't seen it for yourself you should make sure and come through.
party starts @ 7pm.

Michael Stillion update!

Michael Stillion is showing his work currently at Linda Warren's Project Space in Chicago. If you're up there in the neighborhood please check out his new work and let us know how happy you are to see him showing in such a great space!
We hope to have Michael show here at 1305 again soon, as anyone who saw his exhibition here or knows his work can agree!
Check out the gallery's site at:

Go Michael!