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Axioms/Idioms Exhibition

Join Hand Held Gallery and artists Melanie Wolfe and Lenni Morkel-Kingsbury for the opening of Axioms/Idioms July 2nd 6-8pm.


a mapping of language/culture; history/memory; emotion/truth...

Artists’ statementMaps and charts are propositions of truth. They are axioms that we accept as being, somehow, 
self evidently true.
 Stumbling through both real and imagined psychological geographies, 
we explore the subjective nature of language.
 Given the incongruities that exist between the map and what it represents, we discover that we are never exactly where we believe ourselves to be…

Systems @ 1305

Opening Final Friday, May 29th with a catered reception that evening from 6-11 pm is Systems, new work by Mindy Kober. The exhibition runs through Saturday, June 20th with normal gallery hours Tuesday through Saturday, 11-3 pm.

Mindy Kober brings a series of gouache paintings on paper to 1305 next month, arriving straight from Houston where she lives and works. With them come a range of themes and influences. They could be described as juxtaposed cartoons, out of context environments, or colorful commentary, and you still would only be skating the surface of the work. These surfaces are brightly colored illustrations on paper, manipulating popular iconic American imagery by forcing it into unfamiliar or ironic settings. Often as a viewer Kober's paintings lure you in as simple, fun, and bright scenes that are easily digested. It takes longer examination to see the motives behind the juxtapositions and relationships in the work, which belie political commentary and themes like cata…