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Opening Final Friday, March 27th is "Chrysalide," an exhibition of new photographs by Camille Cier. From 6-11 pm that evening the gallery will host the artist and her work with a catered reception.

The exhibition continues through April 18th, with regular gallery hours Tuesday through Saturday from 11-3 pm.

Camille Cier graduated two years ago from "Ecole de Conde" in Lyon, France, although she has been working on the series of photographs featured in this exhibition for four years. Cier started the project as a documentary about her cousin Alma when she was 13 years old. "Qui suis je?" (who am I?) is the question teenagers continually ask themselves on the road to adulthood, and "Chrysalide" is a series that focuses on one girl's tumultuous quest to find an answer.

As the series evolves we see Alma transition from a girl not yet ready to part with her childhood to a young woman with a sense of peace and identity related to her body and her pe…

April 2nd-25th: Ladders by Adrian Lawson

Ladders by Adrian Lawson opens Thursday 2nd April 6-8pm. Simple symbolic shapes: paintings and installation.