Wilbur H. Porterfield 1873 -1958 - Buffalo, New York

Main Street and Rand Building

Associated with the Photo-Pictorialists of Buffalo, Porterfield was well know for his depictions of nature which were described as "studies of tone values, atmospheres, masses and the various elements of composition." His work has been exhibited internationally and with Buffalo's Courier Express. Porterfield was a leading art photographer for many years; his works were published in the Annual of the Pictorialist Photographers of America in 1920 and 1922.

Below are 8"x10" photographs - left to right:
Lofty Towers, Buffalo River; Liberty Bank Building as seen from City Hall, now County Hall; A Quiet Day in Blackwell Canal; Bonney's Concert Hall; Main Street, Gowanda, NY; Awaiting Orders, Harbor Tugs at the Station, Blackwell Canal.


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