Vicki Sutton

My passion for clay developed during my time as a student when taking my first life modeling class and while earning my bachelors degree in Landscape Architecture at the College of Design at North Carolina State University. For over 18 years I have been expressing myself through clay.

My forms are heavily influenced by texture and pattern. I begin with a slab or coil of clay, then twist or tear or pinch and a unique form emerges.
While shaping each creation I feel the connection between the clay and the subject, thus allowing each piece to have its own individual voice.

Justine Ferreri
Born in Irumagawa, Japan, Justine Ferreri has lived all over the United States - but now lives and works in a small coastal North Carolina town. She has dedicated her life to art in one form or another, in her earlier years with the performing arts--classical ballet, music and guitar, folk singing, and musical theater--and now with the visual arts - mainly sculptural ceramic works. Her preferred mediums are earthenware clay and stoneware. By generating an emotional experience in response to viewing her work, her pieces become outward manifestations of the inner needs of the viewer.


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