Antique Prints

Sherman Foote Denton - Early 20th Century Prints
Denton (1856 – 1939), artist and naturalist, worked for the U.S. Fish Commission at the Smithsonian Institute and developed a method of mounting fish that preserved their colors as in life. The State of New York Fisheries, Game and Forest Commission hired Denton to illustrate their annual reports between 1895 and 1907. He created a series of fine colored game fish. Denton’s superb drawings were printed as chromolithographs, reproducing vividly the appearance of the live fish.

 James Dexter Havens
Havens, 1900-1960, born in Rochester, NY, studied at the art school of Rochester Institute of Technology. For eight summers he worked in Maine with Charles H. Woodbury. Havens also studied privately with Thomas Fogarty, Troy Kinney, John Costigan and Grant Reynard.

Working in all mediums except sculpture, Havens exhibited extensively and received countless awards. He was very prolific, having created hundreds of wood engravings, drawings, oils and watercolors.


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