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New Books

New in the Gallery are books by paper maker and book artist Gail Stiffe.
Gail's books range from pages of rich colour and texture to subtle imagery and intricate folding.

Inherent @ 1305

Opening Final Friday, September 26th is "Inherent," an exhibition of new work by Lily Mulberry. The exhibition will be in the gallery through October 25th, with a catered reception from 6-11 pm on September 26th. Regular gallery hours are Tuesday- Saturday, 11-3 pm for the run of the show.

My new work has been in process over the last year, one which has included immense changes for my family and I. The work reflects on familial relationships and dynamics. It confronts the challenge of building and maintaining a family, the difficulties of uniting separate and distinct individuals and keeping them together. Sometimes as is life it reflects on letting them go, whether because of death or physical separation. In the same way the work looks into the hopes, mysteries, and expectations that coincide with gaining new family members, whether newly born or through marriage or strong relationships. What things are inherent within the individual because of geneology, and what things ca…

City Fragments: Nowhere City

City Fragments: Nowhere City. Until 12th Oct.
(Hand made cane, cut, fused and manipulated)

City Fragments is an exhibition of hand made glass by Megan Herring which explores an urban landscape that has been reconstructed in the mind; remembered and distorted by memory; created by the imagination.

New Work

I have recently received new work by book artist Hiromi Tango. Hiromi's work is overtly intimate in nature. Her intensely constructed books combine found papers, letters, photographs, images from magazines, packaging and found objects, folded and bound tightly so that the viewer must dig through the binding to glimpse private thoughts and emotions in an almost voyeuristic fashion. Each tiny revelation makes the viewer wish to see more whist at the same time fight feelings that her personal space is being invaded.



Hand Held Gallery is now open

Hand held gallery has just opened at 18upstairs in the Paramount arcade (top of Bourke street) in the heart of Melbourne. Focusing on the hand held object, in particular the artist book, hand held is an exhibition space(available for artists to hire for 3 week shows) and will hold a collection of artist books and hand held objects such as jewellery, glass and small sculpture for sale.