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Collision @ 1305!

Opening Final Friday, April 25th is "Collision," an exhibition of new work by Herb Reith. After a reception that evening the show will run through May 24th with regular gallery hours Tuesday through Saturday from 11-3.

Herb and I first met when he was doing work for his MFA at the University of Cincinnati back in 2002. With our studios across the hall from each other it was easy to share dialogue about artwork, weird collection obsessions, kitsch, music, and what contemporary pop junk can lend to a commentary on the way we live today. The work he did and still does outside of installation work consists primarily of cloth/painting collages that hang like works on canvas.

The themes within his work are drawn from landscape and comic-like imagery. The landscapes take shape through camouflage backgrounds, or repetitive forms both isolated and strewn across a piece of cloth. The discussion takes place through painted and collaged forms that occupy these patterned landscapes, workin…