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Final Friday was Rockin' & Benchin'

If you didn't make it out for Final Friday you missed a great night on Main Street! Michelle Red Elk was here telling the stories behind her work, Jeremy Cronk played and sang songs to fill the night, and local artisan Jamie Almand's birch ply bench made its debue at 1305 Gallery!
You can stop in any time to see Michelle's work, and Jamie's bench will be here for your sitting and viewing pleasure. Jamie is newly relocated to Cincinnati and can make this beautiful bench to order! Come check it out and see examples of more of his past work in wood, his pieces are amazing!
Hopefully Jeremy Cronk will be back again to play in the gallery, his guitar and vocal musings were the perfect accent to a perfect night at the gallery!
There are still plenty of pieces left from Michelle's series of 60 works entitled " The Four Directions," but they're going fast. At $150 a piece they're a steal and quite a few of you have already added them to your collections.


3rd Annual Emmett Benefit

There's never been a better reason to go to the 20th Century Theater in Oakley than this! Come out to support little Emmett, and while doing so get to hear some great musical performances, and buy some art at auction! I'll definitely be donating some things for this event!
So glad it's on a Sunday too! I know all you other restaurant employees can feel me on that!
See you there!

Four Directions

Opening Final Friday, May 25th with a reception from 6-11 pm is "Four Directions."

Made possible by a grant from the Serpent Source Foundation, this exhibition consists of 60 small works by local artist Michelle Red Elk. Each piece is a framed watercolor and graphite rendering of a story or symbol from Native American mythology and history categorized into one of the four directions, with 15 pieces total for each of the directions. The resulting 60 works fill the gallery with a constantly evolving and disintegrating story, something at once personal and philosophical. It is a narrative that is spoken from the artist's own personal history and from the history of the many cultures that make up the people we know as Native Americans. Michelle does not strive to represent everyone or everything in the least, she has taken stories and symbols that have special meaning to her and articulated them in her own hand, with her own signature and sense.
Individually each piece is so…