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The Duet @ 1305

"The Duet: 2 Years & 2 Ex-boyfriends Later" opens Final Friday April 27th with a colossal Anniversary Party and Art Opening from 6 pm to 2 am that night! This exhibition features new work by yours truly, Lily Mulberry. The show runs through Sunday May 20th, with a closing reception that evening from 7-9 pm.

The work has been begun, finished, reworked, then refinished over quite some time, a lot of the pieces seeing their first days when I was still in undergrad at DAAP. They have all been completed in the last year, many in the last month. In many ways this body of work is an extended phrasing of the work from last year's anniversary show, "Rivers Within." The same imagery and metaphors have resurfaced, but this time instead of a discourse on blood/water and the tragic events that plagued the globe last year, the imagery begins to delve into my personal struggles, my own blood/water.

Bleeding, heartache, distance and pain gradually transform themselves in t…