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Yuletide 2007!

Opening Final Friday November 30th with a reception that evening from 6-11 pm is "Yuletide 2007." This is the 3rd annual 1305 exhibition showcasing "gift-art" by local artists!
The exhibition runs through Saturday December 23rd with a last-minute shoppers sale that day from 11am- 8pm.
The gallery will be open seven days a week from 11am- 3pm for this special holiday show, including extended hours Saturday December 1st until 8pm for Main Street's Christkindl Markt!

Artists this year include:
The Shiny Brites: Sara Mulhauser, Autumn Schrader, & Paige Williams
Chad Cully
Jenifer Sult
Katie Swartz
Jackie Mulberry
Jenny Sauer
Katie Whitaker
Jen Edwards
Rich Bitting
Saint Lexi
Christian Schmit
Lily Mulberry

Come check out all the goodies 1305 has in store for the holidays while looking for that perfect gift! All the artists will be featuring personalized gift wrapping with every purchase, so you can leave the gallery ready to put your presents under the tree! Don't let the …

Michael Stillion's "Man-Made"

Opening Final Friday, October 26th with a reception that evening from 6-11 pm is "Man-Made:" an exhibition of new work by Michael Stillion. The exhibition runs through November 24th, with regular gallery hours Tues- Sat 11-3.

Presenting a recently completed body of work, much of which was made during his graduate studies at Indiana University, Michael Stillion brings a show of evolution and deconstruction to the fall season at 1305.
Within his paintings and paper collages there is an immediate sense that objects hold no fixed place, that they are in a constant state of coming together and falling apart. Huts and space stations break down into boards bricks, panels, and lights. Spaces where one might live in a world devoid even momentarily of gravity and natural laws construct themselves in midair.
There is a balance in the paintings between Stillion's loose, free, and expressive use of the medium and the tighly rendered and controlled objects that struggle to make up som…

Final Friday strikes again!

You've got one more month to check out Alan Vannoy's work before he heads back to Texas! Get in before October 20th!

Alan Vannoy and New Fall Season!

1305 starts its fall season off with the perfect end of summer show! Alan Vannoy's work is like the Fourth of July meets Halloween; creative energy meets lyrical whimsy. His process utilizes imagery and objects from everyday life- things he likes to pick up, collect, and assemble. There's a definite aesthetic to these "items" that immediately calls upon the motifs and color schemes of retro Americana. Primarily using printing techniques to render these different elements into often times layered and interwoven works, the pieces are like bits of early twentieth century illustration and Betty Crocker magazines laid on top of each other, peeled off, and then laid back on top again in reverse. As Vannoy himself says, "My work is past-tense propaganda, a call to reconsider things taken for granted so long ago."

I personally enjoy the work as an artist and curator because making work in my mind is so much about collecting things that inspire you on a daily basis …

Final Friday was Rockin' & Benchin'

If you didn't make it out for Final Friday you missed a great night on Main Street! Michelle Red Elk was here telling the stories behind her work, Jeremy Cronk played and sang songs to fill the night, and local artisan Jamie Almand's birch ply bench made its debue at 1305 Gallery!
You can stop in any time to see Michelle's work, and Jamie's bench will be here for your sitting and viewing pleasure. Jamie is newly relocated to Cincinnati and can make this beautiful bench to order! Come check it out and see examples of more of his past work in wood, his pieces are amazing!
Hopefully Jeremy Cronk will be back again to play in the gallery, his guitar and vocal musings were the perfect accent to a perfect night at the gallery!
There are still plenty of pieces left from Michelle's series of 60 works entitled " The Four Directions," but they're going fast. At $150 a piece they're a steal and quite a few of you have already added them to your collections.


3rd Annual Emmett Benefit

There's never been a better reason to go to the 20th Century Theater in Oakley than this! Come out to support little Emmett, and while doing so get to hear some great musical performances, and buy some art at auction! I'll definitely be donating some things for this event!
So glad it's on a Sunday too! I know all you other restaurant employees can feel me on that!
See you there!

Four Directions

Opening Final Friday, May 25th with a reception from 6-11 pm is "Four Directions."

Made possible by a grant from the Serpent Source Foundation, this exhibition consists of 60 small works by local artist Michelle Red Elk. Each piece is a framed watercolor and graphite rendering of a story or symbol from Native American mythology and history categorized into one of the four directions, with 15 pieces total for each of the directions. The resulting 60 works fill the gallery with a constantly evolving and disintegrating story, something at once personal and philosophical. It is a narrative that is spoken from the artist's own personal history and from the history of the many cultures that make up the people we know as Native Americans. Michelle does not strive to represent everyone or everything in the least, she has taken stories and symbols that have special meaning to her and articulated them in her own hand, with her own signature and sense.
Individually each piece is so…

The Duet @ 1305

"The Duet: 2 Years & 2 Ex-boyfriends Later" opens Final Friday April 27th with a colossal Anniversary Party and Art Opening from 6 pm to 2 am that night! This exhibition features new work by yours truly, Lily Mulberry. The show runs through Sunday May 20th, with a closing reception that evening from 7-9 pm.

The work has been begun, finished, reworked, then refinished over quite some time, a lot of the pieces seeing their first days when I was still in undergrad at DAAP. They have all been completed in the last year, many in the last month. In many ways this body of work is an extended phrasing of the work from last year's anniversary show, "Rivers Within." The same imagery and metaphors have resurfaced, but this time instead of a discourse on blood/water and the tragic events that plagued the globe last year, the imagery begins to delve into my personal struggles, my own blood/water.

Bleeding, heartache, distance and pain gradually transform themselves in t…

Final Friday & Gwen Were Smashing!

We made up for the poor turn out last month with a killer Final Friday! Everyone who stopped in was looking and feeling fabulous, save for a few drifters, and the weather was perfect! As you can see, Gwen and her work are fabulous! Stop in before April 22nd if you haven't seen it yet, or if you just got to see it again!

Gwen stays in!

Last month's opening was a bummer! Where was everyone? Well whoever didn't make it out really missed out on another fantastic evening, this time with Gwendolyn Magee and her work. We're going to try one more time to give you all an opportunity to see the work, so you better not screw it up! Just kidding! Gwen's stayin in till the anniversary show goes up at the end of April, so please stop by Final Friday, March 30th from 6-11 or during regular gallery hours, tues-sat 11-3! You know it wil be worth it!

Temporary Gallery Spaces!




Did you ever wish you had a gallery on Main Street for Final Friday?

Or a store front where you could test a product or marketing concepts?

Or a performance space that you could rent by the week?

These addresses are available for short term lease:

1315 Main, 1319 Main, 1334 Main and 1435 Main


Each space has lights, heat and a solid floor.

You pay a $200 deposit for the week.

If at the end of the week you return the property in good condition, half the deposit is returned.


Contact Kris Sommer of Urban Sites at 513 662 3661

Gwen is in!

The show is up and it looks awesome! For some strange reason it was a slow Final Friday, and I know a lot of you haven't had the chance to see Gwendolyn Magee's work yet. Stop down and check it out! Tuesday through Saturday from 11-3!

Gwendolyn Magee

Opening Final Friday, February 23rd with a reception from 6-11 is "Gwendolyn Magee: New Work." The exhibition will run through March 25th, with regular gallery hours Tues- Sat 11-3.

Gwendolyn works in two media to create the pieces featured in the exhibition; acrylic on wood vs. ceramic tiles. Within both media she delivers nostalgia, visual and emotional intensity, color, and a sense of surface very directly and successfully.
The first medium, acrylic on wood, showcases portraits of women from another era in bright colors with high sheen. Their expressions are always intense, strained, excessive, and even ridiculous sometimes. They exist at once as both portraits of real people who live or had once lived, and as icons for a generation, a class, a gender, a race. The approachable uplifting pallettes mislead the viewer- hiding a dark story very near to the surface. See attached image.
The second medium, ceramic tile, is strikingly different in the handling of the medium, but …

Ted Lind & Scott Boberg are here!

If you missed the opening on Friday, be sure to stop in to see "Associations." I'll be here Tues-Sat from 11-3, and the gallery looks awesome! Definitely one of the best shows I've ever had. Come see for yourself! Check out Sara Pearce's Art Blog at!

Associations @ 1305!

Opening Final Friday January 26th with a reception from 6-11 pm is "Associations: Ted Lind & Scott Boberg." Exhibition runs through February 18th, closing that evening from 7-9 pm. Gallery hours are Tues- Sat from 11-3 during exhibition dates.

These two artists appproached the gallery with an idea to exhibit their work together based on the presumption that the two bodies of work would create a unique and profound dialogue when in the same space. The current created by their work was so interesting that the exhibition seemed to be the perfect season-opener for 2007. "Associations" is an exhibit of work by two Curators of Education, Scott Boberg from the Cincinnati CAC, and Ted Lind from the Cincinnati Art Museum.

Scott Boberg presents a series of illuminated book pages along with completely illuminated books. The delicate and temporal nature of his media carry references to the very origins of record keeping, documentation, illustration, & narration. As Bob…