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Opening Final Friday, October 27th from 6-11 pm is a show of Lightboxes and Photographs by Matthew Shelton. The exhibition will run through Sunday, November 19th, with a closing that evening from 7-9 pm. Gallery hours are Tues- Sat 11-3 pm.

Matthew Shelton creates two very different groups of work, both of which you can find around town at different times in different locations. The first is a series of paintings of "Women & Kitties," soon to show at the Comet in Northside. The second, a series of lightboxes and photographs based on geometric symbolism and altered photographs were featured last year at Semantics in a show titled, "A Happier Hollywood."
For Matthew's show to open this coming Final Friday we'll black out the windows in the gallery, turn off the lights, and plug in the artwork. Everyone is invited to come down, with or without your costume, and become illuminated by the microcosmal worlds Matthew has created for this exhibition. The artist…

Yuletide Call to Artists

It's time again for Yuletide! Christmas Crafting Galore!
These are some patchwork patches by Elaine Lynch that were in last year's show. This year is bound to be an even bigger success than last year!
I want to remind everyone that the idea behind Yuletide is that the crafts are made by local Fine Artists specifically for this show, as a way for even the average joe to own a work of art by a local artist. However, the work will range in price and dimension to accomodate everyone on your Christmas list.
Each artist will also be creating individualized gift wrapping for their work!
Send in your craft ideas to gallery1305@hotmail by next Friday if you want to participate. If it sounds good to us we'll email you back and let you know specifics! Those who participated last year or who have already discussed their ideas with the gallery should send an email just to confirm!